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Philpot, KY
I was on a road trip, blowing in the wind and looking for something true when I found myself in Seattle in the fall of 2012. I found people asking similar questions about life and meaning and decided to stay put. One of the first things my therapist asked me was "when have you felt most alive" and when nearly every example I gave involved listening or playing music he challenged me to start going to an open mic. So it was years of playing at the Conor Byrne Open Mic that began my current journey of writing and singing my songs and finding something true therein.
My songs tend to echo my therapeutic journey. I am often pointing out my inefficiencies and instead of ganging up on myself and pointing the finger, my songs call me and the listener to advocate in a way that doesn't deny the shortcomings but stands up and asks the internal accuser to recognize their goodness, their soul beauty, their Royalty. So my music is a sort of therapeutic tool I've developed to help wake myself up out of the position of the accuser and to stand in my Truth--if I wasn't a good accuser, I wouldn't be a good truth teller--If I had not stuttered really bad growing up, I wouldn't be so connected to my voice. So I write in a sort of self help genre as my buddy Kyle Todaro said, "Beasley writes songs that you can memorize and sing to yourself as a way to help yourself stay positive."

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