Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards - Artist Profile

Webster, MA
Original and evocative of a rich folk tradition - blending distinctive voices and a wide range of accompaniment
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Their most recent album, Grain by Grain, demonstrates an ever progressive richness in songwriting and performance. From the opening title song through its closing track—“Across the Morning”—it is an exemplar of what modern Americana can and should be. I maintain that Mark and Raianne’s previous CD—Hard Times & Woes—is one of those rare singularly perfect albums, but with Grain by Grain this talented duo takes it all to a new level, rivaling their earlier effort with terrific original songs beautifully presented. -Nick Noble, WICN (Worcester)

Both artists are products of central Massachusetts mill and factory towns, and for all their national exposure, they are passionately dedicated to the region and what it has to offer. Each summer for the past eight years they have organized the “Massachusetts Walking Tour” where they hike the roads and trails of the Commonwealth, more than 100 miles in less than two weeks, in support of the arts in local communities along the way. Each evening they stop over in yet another Massachusetts town, putting on a free concert there, along with local performers and fellow artists who accompany them on their journey. These annual two-week treks also raise awareness of the trails and greenways in Massachusetts, using music to make important connections.

“The best part of their performance is the undeniable chemistry Mark and Raianne have together; they play with a comfortability and trust that can only come with years of partnership. They allow enough space in their musical bond to for us to settle in and witness some serious songwriting and playing.”
-Fred Knittel, WXPN (Philadelphia)

“Grain by Grain is a sweet, heartwarming record, made with love and passion, that should introduce Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards to the wider audience they clearly deserve.”
-Phil Vanderyken,

Upcoming Shows

Nov 17, 2018
John Henry's Hammer Coffeehouse (Coffeehouse)
Worcester, MA
May 4, 2019
Old Sloop Coffeehouse (Coffeehouse)
Rockport, MA