Friday October 21, 2022


OctoBOOer 2022 QuaranPalooza Livestream Music Fest

QuaranPalooza: Costumes For Cancer Hi Friends! We're excited to bring you the multi-performer, multi-genre livestreaming music festival extravaganza we call QuaranPalooza. This is number 30, and we have 35 fantastic performers + 13 hours of live music for ya, Friday 10/21 12PM - 1AM PDT, with performers from NYC, Ireland, Hawaii, Nashville, San Diego, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY and plenty of talent from right here in The Bay Area! Your ticket gets you onto The Zoom + into the party!! Get a ticket @ and join us in The Zoom, and we'll donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! We have a goal of raising and donating $100, you can help make that happen by getting a ticket or can donate after clicking the tickets button. Please get a ticket and join us in the Zoom! The show will feature: 12-12:15 Sarah Buckley 12:20-12:35 Craig Greenberg 12:40-12:55 Bill Rhyne 1-1:25 Dayan Kai 1:30-1:45 Noah Lehrman 1:50-2:05 Lisa Graciano 2:10-2:25 Nikki Nash 2:30-2:50 MaryLou Fulton with Lee Quick 2:55-3:20 Cabin 19 3:25-3:40 Bert Lee 3:45-4 Lyric Raven 4:05-4:20 Holysea 4:25-4:40 J Leigh Stone 4:45-5 The Hughes Effect 5:05-5:30 Eric Olsen 5:35-5:50 Zoe FitzGerald Carter 5:55-6:10 Robin Henkel 6:15-6:30 Sara Syms 6:35-6:50 Chelsea Coleman 6:55-7:05 Siggi Jung 7:10-7:25 Pat Nevins 7:30-7:40 Anna Karney 7:45-8:10 The Eastern Highs 8:15-8:35 David Gans 8:40-8:55 John Rybak 9-9:15 Elizabeth Lubin 9:20-9:35 Deborah Crooks 9:40-9:55 Mjoy 10-10:15 Frances Ancheta Becker 10:20-10:40 YY Gray 10:45-11 Rick Hardin 11:05-11:20 Katherine Park 11:25-11:40 David Jesitus 11:45-12:15 The Genie 12:20-1AM Syzygy A $15 ticket gets you into the fest and onto The Zoom with us + we donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! Tickets -> Event Page ->

John Rybak + Friends

Acoustic Blues, Traditional Folk, Americana
"Deeply rooted and well-versed in American roots music and early southern blues John + Friends will take you on a musical road trip across the country with feel-good songs of substance and integrity"

David Gans


Dayan Kai

Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Americana, Roots Rock, Acoustic Jazz, Other Folk/Traditional
Dayan Kai is a true force of musical nature. An artist whose musical abilities and style know few bounds, Dayan is known for his soulful voice, powerful songwriting, and multi-instrumental prowess.

Sara Syms

Attend in-person

Hayward, CA

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