Spotlight on Undiscovered Artists

In Undiscovered Music Network's Spotlight series, we pick upcoming artist to feature. You'll learn their backstories, how they got started, what moves them forward, and you'll hear about some neat experiences they've had along the way.

Maybe April

Maybe April is an acoustic Country Americana trio fronted by three ladies: Katy, Kristen, and Alaina. Their tight-knit harmonies and instrumental accompaniment perfectly complement their heartfelt songwriting.

"In 2012 we all went to the Grammy Camp in Nashville...and met each other for the first time, all from different places, but we were kind of thrown together, almost accidentally. We were supposed to come up with a song at the end and no one wanted to do a project with us. We were the last ones left and our instructor suggested that we form a trio just for the week, and we did. And here we are, six years later!"

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Nate Currin

A troubadour in every sense of the word, Nate Currin has been on the road for years, quite literally driving the miles and connecting with fans one song at a time in smaller venues and house concerts. His storytelling is memorably unique and he has some notable accolades.

"When I was first starting out, I would say that I played a majority of either coffee shops or clubs or bars. So grinding it out for years in those types of environments - as background music almost at times - was tough. But what I did begin to explore was house concerts, listening rooms, and ticketed venues in places where my following began to grow - and I LOVED them! I found a "home" in intimate spaces where I could share my stories, connect with the audience, and pour out my heart between songs, and ultimately, through my songs."

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