Auburn, AL
Traditional Folk, Folk Rock, Americana, Indie Rock, Other Folk/Traditional
Eduardo is a performer and singer songwriter. He was born in Lima, Peru but currently resides in the U.S. Since early in his career, he has traveled playing music, recording and collaborating with different artists and in different genres. His EP ‘Rusty Strings” has been nominated for awards, such as Toronto’s independent music awards, and featured in local and college radio. Publications have reviewed the EP and said the following about it:

“The lightness of the mood works well and you leave the project feeling as if everything will be OK. What’s not to like about that? An EP easily worth a listen in full.”- Stereo Stickman

“And that’s the charm of Rusty Strings—it’s as comfortable as it is comforting.”- Stereo Embers Magazine

“I think Eduardo's Rusty Strings is one of the year’s finest releases in any genre and the natural sound of both the songwriting and presentation showcase an artist who shows no signs of slowing down.”- Music Existence

A track from the EP called La Farra, has won contests like Radio Airplay’s Summer Song Contest. This track has caught the attention of some reviewers and they said the following about it:

“La Farra” is extraordinarily propulsive given the acoustic foundations of the tune and the tight, popping quality of the guitar work never falters while maintaining an impressive pace. Eduardo’s voice is pleasing without ever being technically gifted and strikes an immensely likable stance for listeners.”- Gas House Radio

“La Farra has a Spanish tilt, its title referring in English to a festive occasion, and the musical performance lives up to that billing. Eduardo’s singing is expert at striking a playful tone without coming off as too sweet” – The Indie Source

“La Farra a song definitely grounded in Eduardo’s Hispanic heritage, and it’s delivered with an understated flourish and palpable joy befitting its joyful intent”.

"The impeccable flow of “La Farra” shows off Eduardo’s impeccable delivery"-

His work has also been featured in different publications, most recently in an article in Americana Rhythm Music Magazine. Some of his favorite performances have been for events that raise money for causes like Relay for Life and March of Dimes.

His music has been described by Alec Cunningham of Memphis BLANK Newspaper the following way: "The music has a carefree attitude and combines sunny and beach vibes," further stating, "the melodies of the songs seem to get people engaged and are such, that they would keep up with even the most well-known musicians of his genre".

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