Artist Profiles

5j Barrow (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
A A Bondy (Indie Rock)
A Fine Mess (Celtic)
A. Lee Edwards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Aaron Burdett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Aaron English (Singer/Songwriter)
Abbie Gardner (Singer/Songwriter)
Abby Ahmad (Singer/Songwriter)
Abby Owens (Singer/Songwriter)
Abby Posner (Folk Rock)
Abe Partridge (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Abigail and Eric Selby (Celtic, Folk Rock)
Abigail Stauffer (Singer/Songwriter)
Abigail Washburn (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Abram Gunther (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock, Soul/Gospel)
According to Bazooka (Americana, Pop)
Acoustalyn (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Acoustic Eidolon (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, World Music, Instrumental, Gypsy Jazz)
Acoustic Syndicate (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Acoustically Speaking (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Adam & I (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa (Celtic)
Adam Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Burrows (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Adam Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Ezra (Americana)
Adam Faucett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Adam Gardino (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Adam Hood (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Klein (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Adam Michael Rothberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Miller (Folk)
Adam Palm (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Adam Rafferty (Instrumental)
Adam Torres (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Travis (Reggae, Folk Rock)
Adam Wakefield (Country)
Adam Werner (Instrumental)
Adam Whipple (Folk)
Adler & Hearne (Singer/Songwriter)
Admiral Radio (Americana)
Adrian and Meredith (Americana)
Adrian Legg (Singer/Songwriter)
Adriana Bastardas (Singer/Songwriter)
Adrienne Z (Singer/Songwriter)
Adron (Singer/Songwriter)
After Jack (Americana)
AHI (Singer/Songwriter)
Aimee Ringle (Singer/Songwriter)
Aine Minogue (Celtic, Instrumental)
Aireene Espiritu (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Aisha Burns (Singer/Songwriter)
AJ Ghent (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
AJ Lee & Blue Summit (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Al Petteway and Amy White (Singer/Songwriter)
Al Strong and 99 Brass Band (Jazz)
Alan Barnosky (Folk)
Alan Rhody (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Alanna Royale (Acoustic Blues)
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (Celtic)
Albert Castiglia (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Albert Cummings (Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Albert Donadi (Singer/Songwriter)
Ale House String Band (Americana)
Alejandro Escovedo (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Alejandro Rowinsky (Instrumental)
Alela Diane (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Coba (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Alex DiMattia (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Hunnicutt (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Mabey (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Alex Otey (Jazz)
Alex Smith (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Alex Weiss & Different Drum (World Music)
Alex Williams (Country)
Alex Winters (Singer/Songwriter)
Alexandra Tayara (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Pop)
Ali Holder (Singer/Songwriter)
Ali McGuirk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Alice DiMicele (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Howe (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Peacock (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Wallace (Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Alicia Bullard (Singer/Songwriter)
Allen Levi (Singer/Songwriter)
Allie Farris (Singer/Songwriter)
Allie Moss (Singer/Songwriter)
Allison de Groot (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Allison Moorer (Country)
Allison Preisinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Ally Westover (Singer/Songwriter)
Alpha The Musical (Singer/Songwriter)
Altan (Celtic)
Altered Roots (Folk Rock)
Alternate Routes (Folk Rock)
Aly Tadros (Singer/Songwriter)
Alyse Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters (Americana, Country)
Amanda Cook (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amanda Duncan (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Pearcy (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Pruitt (Country)
Amanda Shires (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Rubarth (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Sweeney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Amelia Curran (Singer/Songwriter)
Amelia K. Spicer (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Amelia Stamsta (Singer/Songwriter)
Amelia White (Singer/Songwriter)
Amenta Abioto (Pop, Jazz)
American Aquarium (Country)
American Darling Valve (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
American Double (Instrumental)
American Dreamer (Americana)
American Opera (Singer/Songwriter)
American Young (Country)
Ami Yares (Singer/Songwriter)
Amilia K Spicer (Singer/Songwriter)
Amuni (Folk, World Music)
Amy Andrews (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy BeVille (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Bishop (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Duckett Wagner - "Amy Dee" (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Amy Engelhardt (Pop)
Amy Fradon (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Gallatin (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amy Gerhartz (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Hart (Acoustic Blues)
Amy Helm (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amy LaVere (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Obenski (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Amy Ray (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Rigby (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Speace (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Amy Stroup (Singer/Songwriter)
Amythyst Kiah (Singer/Songwriter)
Ana Egge (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Ana Popovic (Acoustic Blues)
Anaïs Mitchell (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Anders Osborne (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea & Mud (Cowboy, Country)
Andrea Beaton & Troy MacGillivray (Celtic)
Andrea Carlson (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Pais (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Tomasi (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea von Kampen (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Wittgens (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Belle (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Bird (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Andrew Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Combs (Country)
Andrew Delaney (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Duhon (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Finn Magill (Cajun & Creole)
Andrew Galucki (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Greer (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Holmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Leahey (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew McKnight (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Ripp (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Sullivan (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy and Judy Daigle (Folk)
Andy Cohen (Folk)
Andy Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy Griggs (Country)
Andy Gullahorn (Christian)
Andy Kahrs (Country, Acoustic Blues)
Andy May (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy Mckee (Instrumental)
Angel Snow (Singer/Songwriter)
Angela Easterling (Country)
Angela Parrish (Singer/Songwriter)
Angela Sheik (Singer/Songwriter)
Angelfire (Folk Rock, Pop)
Angie Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Animals of Grace (Singer/Songwriter)
Anita Lorraine (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Anj Granieri (Singer/Songwriter)
Anji Kat (Singer/Songwriter)
Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
Ann Reed (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna and Elizabeth (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Anna Graceman (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna Nalick (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna Tivel (Singer/Songwriter)
Annalise Emerick (Singer/Songwriter)
Annalyse & Ryan (Americana)
Anne E. DeChant (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Anne Erlewine (Singer/Songwriter)
Anne Hills (Singer/Songwriter)
Anne Weiss (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Anni Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie and Rod Capps (Americana)
Annie Humphrey (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie Sumi (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie Wells (Singer/Songwriter)
Annika Bennett (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony David (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Mossburg (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Snape (Singer/Songwriter)
Antje Duvekot (Singer/Songwriter)
Antsy McClain (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Aoife O'Donovan (Singer/Songwriter)
April Rooks (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Christian)
April Verch (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Aprylle Gilbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Arborea (Singer/Songwriter)
Ari and Mia Friedman (Americana, Folk)
Ari Hest (Singer/Songwriter)
Arkansauce (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
ArleneWow! (Singer/Songwriter)
Arthur Migliazza (Ragtime)
As Husband and Wife (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Ashley Raines (Singer/Songwriter)
Ashtyn Barbaree (Singer/Songwriter)
Asleep at the Wheel (Country)
Astrid Kuljanic (Jazz)
Athena McIntyre (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Atwater-Donnelly (Folk)
Aubryn (Singer/Songwriter)
Audra Kubat (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Cain (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Coleman (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Haynes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Austin MacRae (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Plaine (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Webb (Country)
Avery Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Avi Kaplan (Singer/Songwriter)
Avi Wisnia (Jazz)
Aztec Two-Step (Folk Rock)
Balsam Range (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Banjoy / Burlington Street Bluegrass Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Barb Ryman (Singer/Songwriter)
Barbara Nesbitt (Singer/Songwriter)
Barefoot McCoy (Folk)
Barnaby Bright (Americana)
Barnes Gordy & Walsh (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Barrie Dempsey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Bart Crow (Singer/Songwriter)
Basia Bulat (Singer/Songwriter)
Baylor Wilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Bayonne (Singer/Songwriter)
Baza (Acoustic Blues)
Beasley (Singer/Songwriter)
Beau James (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
BeauSoleil (Cajun & Creole)
Becca Mancari (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Becky Kapell (Country)
Becky Schlegel (Singer/Songwriter)
Becky Shaw (Americana)
Belinda Gail (Cowboy, Country)
Belle and the Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Belle of the Fall (Folk Rock)
Belle Plaine (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ben Abrahamson (World Music, Instrumental)
Ben Bedford (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Danaher (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Friedman (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Gibbard (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Ben Rector (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Sollee (Instrumental)
Beni Brosh (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Benjamin Dakota Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Benny Bassett (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Beppe Gambetta (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Instrumental)
Bernice Lewis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Bernie Nelson (Country)
Besides Daniel (Singer/Songwriter)
Bess Greenberg (KidBess) (Singer/Songwriter)
Beth // James (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Beth DeSombre (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Beth Nielsen Chapman (Singer/Songwriter)
Beth Snapp (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Beth Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Beth Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Bethany Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
Bethel Steele (Singer/Songwriter)
Betsy Franck (Singer/Songwriter)
Bettman and Halpin (Americana)
Betty Soo (Singer/Songwriter)
Beyond the Pale (World Music)
Big Little Lions (Folk Rock)
Big Sandy (Western Swing, Country)
Big Valley Bluegrass (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill & Kate Isles (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bill and Eli Perras (Americana)
Bill and the Belles (Country)
Bill Bloomer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Brimer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Callahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Dwyer Band (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Edwards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Bill Evans (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Bill Kirchen (Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Bill Long (Americana, Country)
Bill Mize (Instrumental)
Bill Nash (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Bill Staines (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill West (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Bauer (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Brandt (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Crockett (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Dean (Country)
Billy Joe Hunt (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Billy Kemp (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues)
Billy Strings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Birds of Chicago (Americana, Folk Rock)
Birdsong At Morning (Singer/Songwriter)
Bittersweet Highway (Singer/Songwriter)
BJ Wilbanks (Singer/Songwriter)
Blake Guthrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Blame Sally (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Grey Serenade (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Highway (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Blue Honey (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Jersey Band (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Mother Tupelo (Folk Rock)
Blue Yonder (Country)
Bob Ardern (Instrumental)
Bob Beach (Americana)
Bob Bovee (Cowboy)
Bob Carlin (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Lind (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Livingston (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Lucas (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Bob Malone (Acoustic Blues)
Bob Margolin with Tad Walters (Acoustic Blues)
Bob Rafkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Schneider (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Bob Sima (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Woodruff (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby Cool (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby Jo Valentine (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby McMillon (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bobby Sweet (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobtown (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly)
Bold Riley (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bombadil (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Bonnie Bishop (Singer/Songwriter)
Bonnie Whitmore (Country)
Boomtown Trio (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Other Folk/Traditional)
Borderline Genius (Folk Rock, Pop)
Bow Thayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bowregard (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Brad Armstrong (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Colerick (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Dutz Quartet (Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
Brad Jacobsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Parsons (Americana)
Bradford Loomis (Americana)
Bradley Jazz Collective (Jazz)
Brandi Booth (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandi Carlile (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandon Luedtke (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandon Rhyder (Country)
Brandon Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Branson Anderson (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Brant N Miller (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Break of Reality (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Brendan Fletcher (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Brendan James (Singer/Songwriter)
Brenna Stross (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Brennen Leigh (Singer/Songwriter)
Brent Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Bret Koontz (Singer/Songwriter)
Brett Altman (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Brett Dennen (Singer/Songwriter)
Brett Newski (Folk Rock)
Brett Young (Country)
Brian Ashley Jones (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Brian Colburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Copeland (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Dolzani (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Brian Dunne (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Keith Wallen (Acoustic Blues)
Brian Koenigsknecht (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Brian Larney (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Milligram (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Smalley (Americana)
Brian Stiroh (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Wright (Singer/Songwriter)
Brianna Kocka (Singer/Songwriter)
Brigitte DeMeyer (Singer/Songwriter)
Brigitte London (Singer/Songwriter)
Britt Connors (Americana)
Brittany Ann (Singer/Songwriter)
Brock Zeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooke Annibale (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooke Waggoner (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooks Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooksie Wells (Folk)
Brother and The Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Brother Dege (Acoustic Blues)
Brown Kid (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Berquist (Acoustic Blues, Indie Rock, Jazz)
Bruce Cockburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Mandel (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Marshall (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Michael Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Molsky (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Bruce Robison (Country)
Brushfire Stankgrass (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan John Appleby (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan McPherson (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan White (Country)
Bryce Ernest Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryce Merritt (Singer/Songwriter)
Buck Meek (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Buckwheat Zydeco (Singer/Songwriter)
Buddy Mondlock (Singer/Songwriter)
Buffalo Gospel (Country)
Burke Ingraffia (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Buskin and Batteau (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Butch Hancock (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Byrd & Street (Folk)
C. Daniel Boling – Balladeer / Songwriter (Singer/Songwriter)
Caamp (Singer/Songwriter)
Caitlin Cannon (Americana, Country)
Caitlin Canty (Singer/Songwriter)
Caitlin Eadie (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock, Pop)
Caitlin Jemma (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Caudle (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Hawley (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Calico The Band (Country)
Callaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
Calling Adam (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Calliope Pettis (Singer/Songwriter)
Calum Graham (Singer/Songwriter)
Calvin Arsenia (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Caminhos Cruzados (Latin, World Music, Jazz)
Candy Coburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Cane Mill Road (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Captain Klas (Pop)
Carbon Leaf (Americana, Indie Rock)
Cardboard OX (Singer/Songwriter)
Carey Murdock (Singer/Songwriter)
Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby (Rockabilly, Pop)
Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs (Americana, Country)
Carl Solomon (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Carling and Will (Americana, Folk)
Carly Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Carol Markstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolann Solebello (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolina Blue (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Carolina Story (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Caroline Aiken (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Cotter (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Glaser (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Herring (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Caroline Spence (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolyn Hunter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Carolyn Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolyn Waters (Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Carolyn Wonderland (Acoustic Blues)
Carrie Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Elkin (Country)
Carrie Krause (Instrumental)
Carrie McFerrin (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Newcomer (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Rodriguez (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrington Kay (Americana)
Carsie Blanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Carson McHone (Country)
Carter Sampson (Singer/Songwriter)
Cary Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
Cary Morin (Acoustic Blues)
Casey Abrams (Singer/Songwriter)
Casey Neill (Singer/Songwriter)
Casey Weston (Singer/Songwriter)
Cash Wilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Cassandra Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Cassandra House (Singer/Songwriter)
Castlebay (Singer/Songwriter, Celtic)
Castletown (Americana, Folk, Celtic)
Cat Power (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine MacLellan (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine Marie Charlton (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine the Great (Singer/Songwriter)
Catie Curtis (Singer/Songwriter)
Cedar Ridge (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Central Standard Time (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Cereus Bright (Folk Rock)
Chad Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
Chad Richard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chain Station (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Chakulla (Folk)
Chant the Trees (Americana)
Chappell Roan (Singer/Songwriter)
Charles Wesley Godwin (Singer/Songwriter)
Charley Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Ballantine (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Dane (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Marie (Country)
Charlie Mosbrook (Folk)
Charlie Zahm (Celtic)
Charlotte Kendrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Charly Lowry & Friends (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Charm City Junction (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Charming Disaster (Folk Rock)
Chasing Lovely (Singer/Songwriter)
Chasing Summer (Americana)
Chastity Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Chatham Rabbits (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Che Apalache (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music)
Cheley Tackett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chelsea Berry (Singer/Songwriter)
Chelsea Nolan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chelsea Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Cherish the Ladies (Celtic)
Cherry Avenue (Country)
Cheryl Casselman (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Cheryl Wheeler (Singer/Songwriter)
Cheyloe (Country)
Chicago Farmer (Singer/Songwriter)
China Forbes (Singer/Songwriter)
Chinua Hawk (Singer/Songwriter)
Choro da Alegria (World Music)
Chris and Meredith Thompson (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Chris and Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Ayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Bathgate (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Buhalis (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Carpenter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Chris Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Diller (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris DuPont (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Frisina (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Chris Gantry (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Golden (Christian)
Chris Jones and the Night Drivers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Chris Kasper (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Koza (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris LaVancher (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Monaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Nauman (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Proctor (Instrumental)
Chris Pureka (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Sayre (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Smither (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Staples (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Thile (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Titchner (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Trapper (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Webster (Singer/Songwriter)
Chrissi Poland (Singer/Songwriter)
Christian Lopez (Singer/Songwriter)
Christie Lenee (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Chandler (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Holmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina LaRocca (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Smet (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Anderson (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Barbosa (Jazz)
Christine Havrilla (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Lavin (Folk)
Christomo (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher James (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher Mark Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher Paul Stelling (Singer/Songwriter)
Christy Hays (Americana, Country)
Christy Nockels (Christian)
Chuck Brodsky (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Cannon (Country)
Chuck Hawthorne (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck McDermott (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Prophet (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Suchy (Folk)
Chuck Wood (Instrumental)
Cindy Alexander (Singer/Songwriter)
Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Circus No. 9 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Jazz)
Citizen Jane (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Claire Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Claire Lynch (Singer/Songwriter)
Claire Morales (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Clancy Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Clara Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Clare Longendyke (Classical)
Clarence Bucaro (Singer/Songwriter)
Claude Bourbon (Folk, World Music)
Claudia Nygaard (Singer/Songwriter)
Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan (Americana, Folk)
Claudia Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter)
Clay Babies (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Clay Giberson (Singer/Songwriter)
Clay Page (Country)
Clay Parker and Jodi James (Americana, Folk)
Clay Whittington (Singer/Songwriter)
Clayton Knight (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Cliff Eberhardt (Singer/Songwriter)
Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Clifton's Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
Clint Alphin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Clinton Wesley Hale (Singer/Songwriter)
Coco and Lafe (Singer/Songwriter)
Cody McCarver (Country)
Cody Rivenburg (Singer/Songwriter)
Cody Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Colby Del Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Cold Chocolate (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cold Weather Company (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Cole Hansen (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Cole Washburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Coles Whalen (Country)
Colleen Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Colleen Lloy (Americana, Folk Rock)
Colter Wall (Singer/Songwriter)
Communist Daughter (Singer/Songwriter)
Connie Mims (Singer/Songwriter)
Connor Garvey (Singer/Songwriter)
Conor Oberst (Singer/Songwriter)
Cora Vasseur (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk)
Corb Lund (Singer/Songwriter)
Corey Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Corey Kilgannon (Singer/Songwriter)
Corin Raymond (Singer/Songwriter)
Cormac McCarthy (Folk)
Corner House (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Instrumental)
Cornmeal (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cory Morrow (Country)
Cosy Sheridan (Singer/Songwriter)
Couldn't Be Happiers (Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Courtney Patton (Country)
Covenhoven (Singer/Songwriter)
Coyote Willow (Americana)
Craig Bickhardt (Country)
Craig Cardiff (Singer/Songwriter)
Craig Carothers (Singer/Songwriter)
Craig Werth (Singer/Songwriter)
Crazy Water Crystals (Singer/Songwriter)
Creek City (Americana)
Cricket Blue (Singer/Songwriter)
Cristina Quinones (Singer/Songwriter)
Critton Hollow (Other Folk/Traditional)
Crooked Still (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cruz Contreras (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Crys Matthews (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Crystal Bowersox (Singer/Songwriter)
Crystal Yates (Country)
Curtis and Loretta (Folk)
Curtis Brand (Singer/Songwriter)
Curtis McMurtry (Singer/Songwriter)
Curtis Salgado (Acoustic Blues)
D-Deuce (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
D-Squared (Folk)
Dada Veda (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, World Music, Folk Rock)
Dakota Blond (Singer/Songwriter)
Dakota Dave Hull (Folk)
DALA (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Dale Watson (Country)
Dallas Vietty (Singer/Songwriter)
Dalton Domino (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Damian Keavney (Instrumental)
Damian Luna (Singer/Songwriter)
Damian McGinty (Singer/Songwriter)
Damien Jurado (Singer/Songwriter)
Damion Wolfe (Singer/Songwriter)
Damn Tall Buildings (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Dan and Faith (Folk)
Dan Bern (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Blakeslee (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Coyle (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Crary (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Instrumental)
Dan Drnach (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Dyer (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Emino (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Foster (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop, Gypsy Jazz, Classical)
Dan Hubbard (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Israel (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Krikorian (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Krill (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Layus (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Navarro (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan O'Rourke (Country)
Dan Rauchwerk (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Dan Schwartz (Instrumental)
Dan Tyminski (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Dan Weber (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Dan Wilkins Duo (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Zukowski (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana and Susan Robinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana Cooper (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Dana Hubbard (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dana Price (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana Sipos (Singer/Songwriter)
dancing Light (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel and The Blonde (Americana, Folk)
Daniel Bashta (Christian)
Daniel Champagne (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel Guevara (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Daniel Kosel (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel Neihoff (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Daniel Rey (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Ate The Sandwich (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Howle (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Miraglia (Acoustic Blues)
Danika & The Jeb (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Danny Barnes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Danny Gotham (Singer/Songwriter)
Danny Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter)
Daphne Willis (Singer/Songwriter)
Dar Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Dara Niemi (Country)
Darby Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
Darcy Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Darden Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Dark Waters Project (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk Rock)
Darlingside (Folk Rock)
Darrell Scott (Singer/Songwriter)
Darryl Purpose (Singer/Songwriter)
Darryl Rahn (Singer/Songwriter)
Daryl Wayne Dasher (Singer/Songwriter)
Dav Blues (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave & Melody Hill (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Cowboy, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Dave Alvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Barnes (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Boutette (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Cofell (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Curley (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Dersham (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Eggar (Instrumental)
Dave Gunning (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dave Hadley (Americana)
Dave Kobrenski (World Music)
Dave Lange (Acoustic Blues)
Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer (Americana, Folk Rock, Pop)
Dave Nachmanoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Rowe (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties)
Dave Stamey (Country)
Dave Tamkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Zollo (Singer/Songwriter)
Davey O (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Berkeley (Singer/Songwriter)
David Blackwell (Singer/Songwriter)
David Burchfield (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Byboth (Singer/Songwriter)
David Childers (Singer/Songwriter)
David Cohen (World Music, Instrumental, Classical)
David Dodson (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
David G. Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
David Gans (Singer/Songwriter)
David Goodier (Singer/Songwriter)
David Greely (Singer/Songwriter)
David Grier (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
David Hakan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Harland (Singer/Songwriter)
David Hintz (Americana)
David Ingerson (Celtic)
David Jacobs-Strain (Acoustic Blues)
David Lee (Singer/Songwriter)
David Luning (Singer/Songwriter)
David Mallett (Singer/Songwriter)
David Massengill (Folk)
David Newbould (Singer/Songwriter)
David Nigel Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
David Olney (Singer/Songwriter)
David Perry Molina (Folk Rock)
David Ramirez (Singer/Songwriter)
David Robert King (Singer/Songwriter)
David Roth (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ryan Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
David Scott Weaver (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Starr (Singer/Songwriter)
David Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
David Wiseman - da6d (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Davin McCoy (Singer/Songwriter)
Davis and Devitt (Americana)
Davis Mcgee (Singer/Songwriter)
Dawes (Folk Rock)
Dawn and Hawkes (Singer/Songwriter)
Dawn Mitschele (Singer/Songwriter)
DAXAD The One and Only (Singer/Songwriter)
Dayna Bee (Americana, Country)
Dayna Kurtz (Singer/Songwriter)
Dead Horses (Folk Rock)
Dean Batstone (Singer/Songwriter)
Dean Fields (Singer/Songwriter)
Dean Magraw (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Dean Stevens (Folk)
Deb Seymour (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Deb Talan (Singer/Songwriter)
Debra Cowan (Folk)
DECOSTER (Folk Rock)
Dekorah (Singer/Songwriter)
Del Rey (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Deliberate Kin (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Della Mae (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Delta Rae (Folk Rock)
Demo Artist (Singer/Songwriter)
Dennis Cash (Singer/Songwriter)
Dennis Warner (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Denny Breau (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Jazz)
Derek Hoke (Singer/Songwriter)
Derek Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Derek Webb (Singer/Songwriter)
Devon Sproule (Singer/Songwriter)
Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba (Americana, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Diamondwolf (Singer/Songwriter)
Diana Chittester (Folk Rock)
Diana Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Diana Rein (Electric Blues)
Diane Chaplin (Classical)
Diane Perry (Singer/Songwriter)
Diane Rose Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Diane Ward (Singer/Songwriter)
Dick Siegel (Jazz)
Dina Hall (Singer/Songwriter)
Dom Flemons (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Dominic Pettine (Singer/Songwriter)
Dominick Leslie (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Don Campbell (Country)
Don Conoscenti (Singer/Songwriter)
Don Slepian (Singer/Songwriter)
Don White (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Hopkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Hughes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Donna Marie Alba (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Ray Norton (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Donna Ulisse (Country)
Donovan Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Dori Freeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Doria Roberts (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Adamz (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Alan Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Burr (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Hammer (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Hawk (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug MacLeod (Acoustic Blues)
Doug Rees (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Seegers (Country)
Douglas Haines (Americana, Folk)
Doyle Lawson (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Drew Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Haley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Kennedy (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Schofield (Singer/Songwriter)
Driftwood (Folk Rock)
Dry Branch Fire Squad (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Duane Cliatt (Singer/Songwriter)
Dub Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Dusty Heart (Americana)
Dwayne Higgins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Rockabilly)
Dylan LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Dylan Scott (Country)
Early James & The Latest (Americana)
Earnest and Troubled (Folk)
Ebin-Rose Trio (Folk Rock)
Ed Gerhard (Instrumental)
Ed Ossi (Singer/Songwriter)
Ed Snodderly (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Eddie Berman (Singer/Songwriter)
Eddy Mann (Singer/Songwriter)
Edgar Meyer (Singer/Songwriter)
Edie Carey (Singer/Songwriter)
Edward Main (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Edward Ross (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Edwin McCain (Singer/Songwriter)
EG Kight (Singer/Songwriter)
Eileen Bernstein (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Eilen Jewell (Singer/Songwriter)
El Twanguero (Rockabilly)
Elana Arian (Singer/Songwriter)
Ele Ivory (Singer/Songwriter)
Eleanor Murray (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Elenowen (Folk Rock)
Elephant Revival (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Eli Cook (Acoustic Blues)
Eli Lev (Singer/Songwriter)
Eli Paperboy Reed (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliot Bronson (Singer/Songwriter)
Elise Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliza Edens (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliza Gilkyson (Singer/Songwriter)
Elizabeth & The Catapult (solo) (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Elizabeth Cook (Country)
Elizabeth Moen (Folk Rock)
Elizabeth Pugh (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Elizabeth Wills (Singer/Songwriter)
Ella Mine (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Ellen Bukstel (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellen Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Elliott Park (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellis (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellis Dyson and the Shambles (Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Ellis Paul (Singer/Songwriter)
Elyse Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Emerald Rae (Folk)
Emerson Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Baker (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Emily Barnes (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Claire Shlesinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Earle (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Elbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Hearn (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Keener (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Lehman (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Mure (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Scott Robinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Stewart (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily White (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily White (MS) (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Zuzik (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Back (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma G (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Petts (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Emma Rowley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
En Power and Light (Folk Rock)
EreYesterday (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Eric and Suzy Thompson (Americana)
Eric Bachmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Bettencourt (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Bolander (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Eric Brace (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Eric Dodd (Country)
Eric Eid-Reiner (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Eric Erdman (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Hutchinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lambert (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lee (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lindell (Acoustic Blues)
Eric Peter Schwartz (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Eric Stuart (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock, Pop)
Eric Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Erick Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Erik Stucky (Singer/Songwriter)
Erika Wennerstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Bode (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Enderlin (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Erin Harkes (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin James (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Kirby (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Krebs (Jazz)
Erin McCarley (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin McKeown (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Rea (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds (Indie Rock, Pop)
Erisa Rei (Singer/Songwriter)
Ernest Troost (Folk)
Ernie Halter (Singer/Songwriter)
Ernie Hendrickson (Singer/Songwriter)
Escala (Singer/Songwriter)
Escaping Pavement (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
ESOEBO (Americana)
Esther Rose (Country, Folk)
Ethan Jano & The Hilltop Revival (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Indie Rock)
Ethan Parker (Singer/Songwriter)
Evan Alexander Moore (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Evan Murphy (Americana)
Ez n Dil (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Ezra Furman (Singer/Songwriter)
Fadin' by 9 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
False Hearted Lovers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Father John Misty (Singer/Songwriter)
FEATHER (Folk Rock)
Featherpocket (Americana)
Federico Aubele (Singer/Songwriter)
Fellow Pynins (Americana, Folk)
Fern's Gospel (Singer/Songwriter)
Fernando Holz (Singer/Songwriter)
Few Miles South (Country)
Fireside Collective (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Fishtank Ensemble (Singer/Songwriter)
Flagship Romance (Singer/Songwriter)
Flint & Feather (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Flo Morrisey (Singer/Songwriter)
Folk Soul Revival (Country)
Folk Uke (Singer/Songwriter)
Forest Beutel (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Forest Sun (Singer/Songwriter)
Fox and Bones (Folk Rock, Pop)
Fox N Hounds (Singer/Songwriter)
Foy Vance (Celtic)
Frances Luke Accord (Singer/Songwriter)
Frances Mooney and Fontanna Sunset (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Frank & Allie Lee (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Frankie Ballard (Country)
Frankie Boots (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Frankie Orella (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Frazey Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
Fred Eaglesmith (Country)
Freddy and Francine (Singer/Songwriter)
Free Range Blue (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Freebo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Friction Farm (Singer/Songwriter)
Front Country (Americana, Country, Pop)
Frontier Ruckus (Folk Rock)
Fruit Bats (Folk Rock)
Fruition (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Furnace Mountain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
FY5 (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Gabe Baillargeon (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Gabe Dixon (Singer/Songwriter)
Gabrielle Louise (Singer/Songwriter)
Gabrielle Papillon (Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Gaby Castro (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Garland Jeffreys (Singer/Songwriter)
Garnet Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Garrison Starr (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Furlow & The Loafers (Americana)
Gary Jay Hoffman (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Jules (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Nicholson (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Acoustic Blues)
Gary Stockdale (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Gary Wittner (Jazz)
Gathering Time (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Gawler Family Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Gene and Gayla Mills (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Genevieve (Singer/Songwriter)
Genna and Jesse (Singer/Songwriter)
Genticorum (Celtic)
Geoff Muldaur (Singer/Songwriter)
Geoffrey Castle (Singer/Songwriter)
George Colligan (Jazz)
George Ensle (Singer/Songwriter)
George Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Georgia Middleman (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Georgie Jessup (Folk Rock)
Geraldine (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Gerry O'Beirne (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Gia Margaret (Singer/Songwriter)
Giant Zero (Singer/Songwriter)
Gibson Wilbanks (Singer/Songwriter)
Gillian Grogan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Gillian Welch (Singer/Songwriter)
Gina Forsyth (Singer/Songwriter)
Gina Sicilia (Acoustic Blues)
Gina Sobel (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Ginger Cowgirl (Country)
Ginger Coyle (Singer/Songwriter)
Gipsy Moon (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Giri & Uma Peters (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Giulia Millanta (Singer/Songwriter)
Gleewood (Folk Rock)
Glen Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Glen Phillips (Singer/Songwriter)
goatFISH (Singer/Songwriter)
Golden Bough (Celtic)
GoldenOak (Americana, Folk)
Good Old War (Folk Rock)
Goodnight Moonshine (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk Rock)
Gordie Sampson (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Askew (Country)
Grace Basement (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Electric Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop)
Grace Milton (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Morrison (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Pettis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Grace Potter (Singer/Songwriter)
Gracia Harrison (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Gracious Me (Singer/Songwriter)
Graffiti Smile (Country, Pop)
Grant Gordy (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Jazz)
Grant Livingston (Singer/Songwriter)
Grant Maloy Smith (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Grant Parker (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Grant Peeples (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Grant-Lee Phillips (Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock)
Gray Dog Down (Instrumental)
Grayson Capps (Acoustic Blues)
Great Peacock (Country)
Greater Alexander (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Reggae, Folk Rock)
Greensky Bluegrass (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Greg Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Greenway (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Holden (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Jacquin (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Greg Klyma (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Laswell (Singer/Songwriter)
Gregory Alan Isakov (Singer/Songwriter)
Gretchen Peters (Singer/Songwriter)
Gretchen Pleuss (Singer/Songwriter)
Greyhounds (Folk Rock)
Griffin House (Singer/Songwriter)
Griffin Sinclair (Singer/Songwriter)
Guitar Shorty (Acoustic Blues)
Gurf Morlix (Singer/Songwriter)
Gus La Casse (Folk)
Gus Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Gutter Swan (Americana)
Guy Davis (Acoustic Blues)
Guy Forsyth (Singer/Songwriter)
Gyan Riley (Instrumental)
Gypsy & Me (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Hackensaw Boys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hadden Sayers (Acoustic Blues)
Hadley Kennary (Singer/Songwriter)
Hailey Fletcher (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country)
Haji Basim (Other Folk/Traditional)
Hal Ketchum (Country)
Haley Dreis (Singer/Songwriter)
Haley Heynderickx (Singer/Songwriter)
Haley Reinhart (Singer/Songwriter)
Halfway to Hazard (Singer/Songwriter)
Hamilton Loomis (Acoustic Blues)
Hank Cramer (Folk)
Hank Stone (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Hank Woji (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Hannah Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Rand (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Hanneke Cassel (Americana)
Hans York (Singer/Songwriter)
Happy Traum (Folk)
Hardened and Tempered (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Harmonia (Folk, World Music, Instrumental)
Harmonious Wail (Gypsy Jazz)
Harold Hensley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Harold Holloway and Company (Soul/Gospel)
Harpeth Rising (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Harry Odonoghue (Singer/Songwriter)
Harvey Leona (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayes Carll (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Fahey (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Reardon (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Sabella (Singer/Songwriter)
Heart Hunters (Americana)
Heart Society (Folk Rock)
Heather Aubrey Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Luttrell (Americana)
Heather Mae (Folk Rock)
Heather Maloney (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Masse (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Heather Pierson - Musical Meditations (Instrumental)
Heather Pierson Trio (Americana)
Heather Styka (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Woods Broderick (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Heatherly (Singer/Songwriter)
Heidi Burson (Folk Rock)
Hemmingbirds (Folk Rock)
Henry Jamison (Singer/Songwriter)
Her Crooked Heart (Singer/Songwriter)
Hera Lynn (Singer/Songwriter)
Hesh Meister (The Hesh Inc.) (Singer/Songwriter)
Hidden Highways (Singer/Songwriter)
Highway Sisters (Country)
Hilton Park (Americana, Folk)
Hiroya Tsukamoto (Folk, World Music, Jazz)
Hogan and Moss (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hogslop String Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Hollis Peach (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hollow Turtle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Holly Near (Singer/Songwriter)
Holly Spears (Singer/Songwriter)
Honey Magpie (Americana)
Honey of the Heart (Folk Rock, Pop)
Honey Whiskey Trio (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
HoneyHoney (Singer/Songwriter)
Honeyhouse (Americana)
Honeywise (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Honor By August (Singer/Songwriter)
Hot Club of Cowtown (Folk Rock)
Hot Fiddle (Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
House of Hamill (Celtic)
Howie Day (Singer/Songwriter)
Howie Newman (Singer/Songwriter)
Hughes Taylor (Acoustic Blues)
Humming House (Folk Rock)
Hungrytown (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (Folk Rock)
Hussy Hicks (Singer/Songwriter)
Hymn for Her (Americana)
I'm With Her (Americana)
Ian Ethan Case (Instrumental)
Ian Faquini (Latin, Jazz)
Ian Fitzgerald (Americana)
Ian Flanigan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Ian Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Ian Haas and the Bee Whisperers (Folk Rock)
Ian McFeron (Singer/Songwriter)
Ian Noe (Singer/Songwriter)
If Birds Could Fly (Singer/Songwriter)
Ilyaimy (Folk Rock)
India Ramey (Country)
Ingram Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Ingrid Michaelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Ira Wolf (Singer/Songwriter)
Irene Kelley (Country)
Iris DeMent (Singer/Songwriter)
Irish Mythen (Singer/Songwriter)
Iron and Wine (Singer/Songwriter)
Isabel Taylor (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Izaak Opatz (Singer/Songwriter)
J.P. Cormier (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
J.P. Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
J.S. Ondara (Folk Rock)
Jack Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Jack Gladstone (Americana, Folk)
Jack Kerowax (Americana)
Jack Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Bristow (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jackie Greene (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Morris (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Tice (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Venson (Electric Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jackson Howard (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Beck (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Little and the Little Family Band (Folk Rock)
Jade Hendrix (Singer/Songwriter)
Jade Zabric (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaimee Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Coco (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Etheridge (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Jake Larson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Perrone (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Speed (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Ragtime)
Jalan Crossland (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jalessa Cade (Soul/Gospel)
James Casto (Singer/Songwriter)
James Hersch (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
James Hurley (Singer/Songwriter)
James Keelaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
James Lee Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
James Lee Stanley (Singer/Songwriter)
James Maddock (Singer/Songwriter)
James McMurtry (Singer/Songwriter)
James Otto (Country)
James R Rinck (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
James VanDeuson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jameson Elder (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamey Hampton (Folk Rock)
Jamie Kent (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamie Lin Wilson (Country)
Jamie Richards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamie Saylor (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Cajun & Creole, Rockabilly)
Jan Seides (Singer/Songwriter)
Jan Spencer (Singer/Songwriter)
Jane Kramer (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Janet Robin (Singer/Songwriter)
Janie Barnett (Singer/Songwriter)
Janne Henshaw (Country)
January Duo (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jared & Amber (Singer/Songwriter)
Jared Rabin (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jasmine Bailey (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Eady (Country)
Jason Gisser (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Isbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Masi (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Myles Goss (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Wilber (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaspar Lepak (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Brannan (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Farrar (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Nash (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Unger and Molly Mason (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaymay (Singer/Songwriter)
Jayme Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Jayna Jennings (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Jayron Weaver (Country)
JD Eicher (Singer/Songwriter)
Jean Caffeine (Folk Rock)
Jeanette Williams (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeanie Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Jolly (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Kuhns (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Marie Boes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeannine Higgins (Singer/Songwriter)
Jed Wilson (Americana, Latin, Instrumental, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime, Soul/Gospel, Classical)
Jeff Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Brinkman (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Lane (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Jeff LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Plankenhorn (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Przech (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Rymes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Scroggins (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeff Smith (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jeff Varga (Singer/Songwriter)
Jefferson Hamer (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jefferson Ross (Folk)
Jeffery Straker (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeffrey Foucault (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers (Singer/Songwriter)
Jemaine Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Ambrose (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Cork (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Jen Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Hajj (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Lowe (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeneen Terrana (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeni Hankins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Jenie Thai (Acoustic Blues)
Jenifer Jackson (Folk)
Jenn Bostic (Country)
Jenn Franklin (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenn Grinels (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenni Alpert (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenni Dale Lord (Country)
Jenni Lyn (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jennifer Daniels (Singer/Songwriter)
Jennifer Kimball (Singer/Songwriter)
Jennifer Knapp (Christian)
Jennifer Lynn Simpson (Country)
Jennifer Matthews (Folk Rock)
Jennings and Keller (Americana)
Jenny & Tyler (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenny Parrott (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeremiah and the Red Eyes (Americana)
Jeremiah Birnbaum (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeremy Cooney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Jeremy Enigk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jeremy Lyons (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeremy McComb (Country)
Jerry Douglas (Instrumental)
Jerry Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Jerry Salley (Country)
Jesca Hoop (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesh Yancey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Jesi Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Clinton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Klein (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Ray (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Wayne (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Jess Williamson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Aycock (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Daniel Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Dayton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Harris (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Jesse Maclaine (Pop)
Jesse Rice (Country)
Jesse Ruben (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jesse Terry (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Williams (Electric Blues)
Jessica Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Haffner (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Lea Mayfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Lynn (Country)
Jessica Lynne (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Jessica Pratt (Singer/Songwriter)
Jiggley Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Andrews (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Jack (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Sobule (Singer/Songwriter)
Jillette Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jillian Rae (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Avett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Christian)
Jim Bizer (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Callahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Carr (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jim Henry (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Jim Kweskin (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jug Band, Folk)
Jim Lauderdale (Country)
Jim LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Lord (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Jim Matus (Instrumental)
Jim Paradis (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Parker (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Jim Pellinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Skewes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Jazz, Classical)
Jim Suhler (Acoustic Blues)
Jim White (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Young (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Country)
Jimmy Daddy Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Jimmy Ryan (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jimmy Thackery (Acoustic Blues)
JL Fulks (Singer/Songwriter)
Joan and Joni (Singer/Songwriter)
Joan Shelley (Singer/Songwriter)
JoAnn and Monte (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, World Music, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz)
Joanna Tomassoni (Singer/Songwriter)
Joanne Rand (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Cat (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Craven (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Joe Crookston (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Firstman (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Flood (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Goodkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Holt (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Iadanza (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Joe Jencks (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Marson (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe McGuinness (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Newberry (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Penland (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Joe Pug (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Purdy (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Rohan (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Stanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Young (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Cage (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Curtis (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Mabus (Folk)
Joel Rafael (Folk)
Joey English (Singer/Songwriter)
Joey Harkum (Singer/Songwriter)
John and Rachel Nicholas (Folk)
John Batdorf (Singer/Songwriter)
John Bergstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
John Berry (Country)
John Bradley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
John Brannen (Singer/Songwriter)
John Bullard (Instrumental)
John Byrne (Celtic)
John Calvin Abney (Singer/Songwriter)
John Cowan (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
John Craigie (Singer/Songwriter)
John Dennie (Singer/Songwriter)
John Eddie (Country)
John Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
John Emil (Acoustic Blues)
John Fannell (Singer/Songwriter)
John Flynn (Singer/Songwriter)
John Gorka (Singer/Songwriter)
John Heart Jackie (Singer/Songwriter)
John King (Country)
John McCutcheon (Folk)
John Mock (Singer/Songwriter)
John Moreland (Singer/Songwriter)
John Neilson (Singer/Songwriter)
John Nemeth (Acoustic Blues)
John Nilsen (Singer/Songwriter)
John Paul White (Singer/Songwriter)
John Sanger (Americana, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
John Sebastian (Singer/Songwriter)
John Sonntag (Singer/Songwriter)
John Stockdale (Singer/Songwriter)
John Till (Singer/Songwriter)
John Tracy (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk)
Johnathan Rice (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny & Heidi (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Pop)
Johnny B. Connolly (Celtic, Instrumental)
Johnny Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny Dango (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Johnny G (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Johnsmith (Singer/Songwriter)
Jolie Holland (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Dee Graham (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Semmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Shain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jon Stickley Trio (Folk Rock)
Jon Svetkey (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Troast (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Whitlock (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonah Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonatha Brooke (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Coulton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Fleig (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Richman (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Joni Harms Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Jontavious Willis (Acoustic Blues)
Jordan Mackampa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jordan McDougal (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Jordi Baizan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jordy Searcy (Singer/Songwriter)
Jose Gonzalez (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Allen White (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Arthur (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Eid (Singer/Songwriter)
Josephine County (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Josh Cohen (Instrumental, Jazz, Soul/Gospel, Classical)
Josh Garrels (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Gray (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Grider (Country)
Josh Harty (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Krajcik (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Morningstar (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Preston (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Ritter (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Rouse (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Black Wilkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Garcia (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Hyslop (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua James (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Radin (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Ike (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Zimmerman (Singer/Songwriter)
JP Summertime (Folk Rock)
Jude Johnstone (Singer/Songwriter)
Judith Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Julia Barry (Singer/Songwriter)
Juliana Finch (Singer/Songwriter)
Julianne Ankley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Julie Clark Shubert (Singer/Songwriter)
Julie Gribble (Americana)
Julie Jean White (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Julie McCloud (Singer/Songwriter)
Juliet Piper (Singer/Songwriter)
Juni Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Just Be-Cause (Singer/Songwriter)
Just So (Singer/Songwriter)
Just Us Bluegrass Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Justin Branam (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Farren (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Gambino (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Mychals (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Justin Nozuka (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Sams (Americana)
Justin Tipton (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Justin Townes Earle (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Trawick (Singer/Songwriter)
Justina Shandler (Singer/Songwriter)
K. C. Clifford (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Kacey Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Kade Puckett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Kaia Kater (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kailey Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Kaki King (Instrumental)
Kala Farnham (Singer/Songwriter)
Kalon Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Kara Claudy (Singer/Songwriter)
Karan Casey (Celtic)
Karan Casey Trio (Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Karen Ashbrook (Celtic)
Karen E. Reynolds (Singer/Songwriter)
Karen Jonas (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Karen Mal (Singer/Songwriter)
Karen Waldrup (Country)
Kari Arnett (Singer/Songwriter)
Karla Bonoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Karla Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Karyn Ann (Singer/Songwriter)
Karyn Oliver (Singer/Songwriter)
Kasey Chambers (Singer/Songwriter)
Kat Edmonson (Jazz)
Kat Reinhert (Singer/Songwriter, Other Folk/Traditional, Jazz)
Kate and Corey (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Cameron (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Coleman (Country)
Kate Lee and Forrest O'Connor (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kate Macleod (Folk)
Kate Mills (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Tucker (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Vargas (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Katelynn Corll (Singer/Songwriter)
Katey Laurel (Singer/Songwriter)
Katha Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Katherine Rondeau (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathleen Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathryn Rose Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathy Kallick (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kathy Mattea (Country)
Kathy Muir (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Basden (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Buxton (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Dahl (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Katie Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Frassinelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Herzig (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Kuffel (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Lynn Lahue (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Sachs (Singer/Songwriter)
Kaycie Satterfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Singer/Songwriter)
Keaton Herzer (Singer/Songwriter)
Keaton Simons (Singer/Songwriter)
Keb Mo (Acoustic Blues)
Keegan McClellan (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Franklin (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Gattis (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Greeninger (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelcy Mae (Americana)
Kelley McRae (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelley Mickwee (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelli Johnson (Country)
Kellie Parr (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly and Ellis (Americana)
Kelly Augustine (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Hunt (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Jarrard (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly McFarling (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Ravin (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Riley (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Willis (Country)
Kelmarie (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelsey Steele (Country)
Kemp Harris Acoustic Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Ken Gaines (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Krupnik (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Mellons (Country)
Ken O'Malley (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Stringfellow (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Tuccillo (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Ken Yates (Singer/Songwriter)
Kendl Winter (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Kendra McKinley (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Kenny White (Singer/Songwriter)
Keri Noble (Singer/Songwriter)
Kern (Celtic)
Kerri Powers (Singer/Songwriter)
Kerry Grombacher (Folk)
Kerry Kearney (Acoustic Blues)
Kerry Patrick Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Bales Trio (Instrumental)
Kevin Buckley (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Kevin Burt (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Kevin Daniel (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Devine (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Galloway (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Garrett (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Gordon (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Heider (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Neidig (Folk Rock)
Kevin Paris (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Selfe (Acoustic Blues)
Kevin Stokley (Country)
Kevin Welch (Country)
Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert (Americana, Folk)
Kiernan McMullan (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiki Ebsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiley Evans (Singer/Songwriter)
Killarney Star (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Folk Rock, Pop)
Kim Beggs (Folk)
Kim Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Jennings (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Moberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Richardson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Richey (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Kimayo (Singer/Songwriter)
Kimberly Kelly (Country)
Kipyn Martin (Singer/Songwriter)
Kira Hooks (Jazz)
Kira Small (Acoustic Blues)
Kirsten Maxwell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiya Heartwood (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
KlapaDooWopella (World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Kora Feder (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Korby Lenker (Singer/Songwriter)
Kray Van Kirk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic)
Kris Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kris Delmhorst (Singer/Songwriter)
Kris Youmans (Americana)
Krista Baroni (Singer/Songwriter)
Krista Detor (Singer/Songwriter)
Krista Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristen Graves (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristen Kelly (Country)
Kristin Andreassen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Center (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Diable (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Hersh (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Rebecca (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristina Jacobsen (Country)
Kristina Murray (Americana, Country)
Kristina Priceman (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristine Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristy Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Krizta Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Kruger Brothers (Instrumental)
Krysta Nick (Singer/Songwriter)
Kurt Fortmeyer (Americana)
Kurt Stevens (Singer/Songwriter)
Kurt Vile (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Carey (Folk)
Kyle Donovan (Folk)
Kyle Hancharick (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Kyle Higgins (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Hutton (Country)
Kyle James Hauser (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Kimbrell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Nachtigal (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Oollah (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kyle Redd (Country)
Kyle Sherman (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Walz (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Kylie Odetta (Singer/Songwriter)
Kylie Rae Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyshona Armstrong (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
L'Angelus (Singer/Songwriter)
La Cocodrila (Latin, Jazz)
Lacie Carpenter (Americana)
Lacy Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Lady & West (Singer/Songwriter)
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (Singer/Songwriter)
Lang Termes (Singer/Songwriter)
Langhorne Slim (Singer/Songwriter)
Lari White (Country)
Lark Rize (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Larkin Grimm (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Allen Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry and Leslie Latour (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams (Americana, Folk Rock)
Larry Kaplan (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Keel (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Last Acre (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Late for the Train (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lateral Blue (Acoustic Blues)
Laura Boosinger (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Laura Cortese (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Coyle and Trey Wright (Jazz)
Laura Dowding (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Hayes (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Joy (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura McGhee (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Rabell (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Story (Christian)
Laura Thurston (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Laura Zucker (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Anderson (Folk Rock)
Lauren Balthrop (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Fox (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Lauren Lapointe (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Light (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Marsh (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Sheehan (Folk)
Lauren Shera (Singer/Songwriter)
Laurence Juber (Singer/Songwriter)
Laurie Lewis (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Laurie McClain (Singer/Songwriter)
Lazer Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
Leah Kaufman (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lee DeWyze (Singer/Songwriter)
Leftover Cuties (Folk Rock)
Legends of the Celtic Harp (Celtic)
Lehto and Wright (Celtic)
Leigh Nash (Singer/Songwriter)
Lelica (Folk Rock)
Lena Stein (Singer/Songwriter)
Lenny Lashley (Singer/Songwriter)
Leon Bridges (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Leon Rector (Singer/Songwriter)
Lera Lynn (Singer/Songwriter)
Les Sampou (Country, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Lesley Barth (Singer/Songwriter)
Leslie Evers (Singer/Songwriter)
Letitia VanSant (Singer/Songwriter)
Letters to Abigail (Americana)
Levi Lowrey (Singer/Songwriter)
Lew Card (Singer/Songwriter)
Leyla McCalla (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Liana Gabel (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Libby Koch (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Lillian Soderman (Singer/Songwriter)
Lilly Hiatt (Singer/Songwriter)
Lincoln Durham (Folk Rock)
Linda Faye Carson (Singer/Songwriter)
Linda MacLean (Singer/Songwriter)
Linda McRae (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Linda Sharar (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsay Beth Harper (Americana, Country)
Lindsay Foote (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lindsay White (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsey Hinkle (Singer/Songwriter)
Lipbone Redding (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, World Music)
Lisa Bastoni (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Biales (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Brigantino (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Folk, Folk Rock, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Lisa Chamberlain (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Hillary (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Loeb (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter (Celtic)
Lisa Mills (Acoustic Blues)
Lisa Morales (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Ornstein & Dan Compton (Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Lisa Richards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Lisa Sanders (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Swerdlow (Instrumental)
Lissa Schneckenburger (Folk)
Lissie (Singer/Songwriter)
Little Fawn (Singer/Songwriter)
Little G Weevil (Singer/Songwriter)
Liv Lombardi (Singer/Songwriter)
Livingston Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Livy Conner (Singer/Songwriter)
Liz Brasher (Americana)
Liz Cooper & The Stampede (Folk Rock)
Liz Longley (Singer/Songwriter)
Liz Vice (Soul/Gospel)
Liza Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
Lizanne Knott (Singer/Songwriter)
Lizi Bailey (Singer/Songwriter)
Locust Honey (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lon Eldridge (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Long run Road (Singer/Songwriter)
Lonnie Holley (Folk Rock)
Look Homeward (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lore Constantine (Singer/Songwriter)
Loren Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Loretta Hagen (Singer/Songwriter)
Lori Brigantino (Singer/Songwriter)
Lori McKenna (Singer/Songwriter)
Lorin Rowan (Singer/Songwriter)
Lorrie Morgan (Country)
Lost Hollow (Americana)
Lou Shields (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Louis Apollon (Singer/Songwriter)
Louisa Branscomb (Singer/Songwriter)
Louise Mosrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Love Canon (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lovers Leap (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Low Lily (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lowland Hum (Singer/Songwriter)
Luba Dvorak (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucette (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucinda Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucky Lenny (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lucy Isabel (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lucy Kaplansky (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucy Wainwright Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucy Woodward (Singer/Songwriter)
Lui Collins (Folk)
Luis Oliart (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Bulla (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Luke DeRoy (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Elliot (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Redfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Wade (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Wilmoth (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Winslow-King (Singer/Songwriter)
Lula Wiles (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Luray (Folk Rock)
Lyal Strickland (Singer/Songwriter)
Lydia Manuel (Singer/Songwriter)
Lydia Sylvia Martin (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lyn Koonce/Lyn Koonce& Friends (Americana, Folk)
Lynn Drury (Americana)
Lynn Hollyfield (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lynn Manderson (Singer/Songwriter)
Lynn Miles (Singer/Songwriter)
Lynn Taylor (Americana)
Lynne Clarke (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Reggae, Folk Rock, Pop, Christian, Soul/Gospel)
M. Ward (Singer/Songwriter)
Maame Danso (Singer/Songwriter)
Mackenzie Shivers (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Folk Rock, Pop)
Madeleine Peyroux (Singer/Songwriter)
Madison Lewis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues)
Madison Violet (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Magda Hiller (Singer/Songwriter)
Maggie Chapman (Singer/Songwriter)
Maggie Koerner (Singer/Songwriter)
Maia Sharp (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Maiah Wynne (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Malcolm Holcombe (Singer/Songwriter)
Malynda Hale (Singer/Songwriter)
Mamma's Marmalade (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mando Mafia (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Mando Saenz (Singer/Songwriter)
Mandolin Orange (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
mantramatic (World Music)
Mara Levine (Folk)
Marc Atkinson (Instrumental)
Marc Benno (Acoustic Blues)
Marc Berger (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Broussard (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Maynon (Singer/Songwriter)
Marce (Singer/Songwriter)
Marcel and Nakos (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Marcia Ball (Acoustic Blues)
Marcia Ramirez (Singer/Songwriter)
Mare Wakefield (Singer/Songwriter)
Maren Morris (Country)
Mari Black (Celtic)
Maria Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Marian Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Mariana Bell (Folk Rock)
Mariano Di Gabriele (Singer/Songwriter)
Marie Chabot (Singer/Songwriter)
Marie Miller (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Christian)
Mariee Sioux (Singer/Songwriter)
Marina Evans (Country)
Marissa Nadler (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark and Cindy Lemaire (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Buerschaper (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Croft (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Dvorak (Folk)
Mark Edgar Stuart (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Erelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Lavengood (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Mark Nomad (Acoustic Blues)
Mark O'Connor (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mark Olson (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Stepakoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Stuart (Singer/Songwriter)
Marleys Ghost (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Martha Christian (Christian)
Martha Gallagher (Singer/Songwriter)
Marthas Trouble (Folk Rock)
Martin Harley (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Koop (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Sexton (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Zellar (Country)
Martini Garden (Singer/Songwriter)
Martyn Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Marv Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Marvin Latta (Christian)
Mary Bragg (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Fahl (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Flower (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Mary Flower and the BBQ Boys (Jug Band, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Mary Gauthier (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Scholz (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Sue Englund (Folk)
Mary Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Maryanna Devlin (Singer/Songwriter)
Mason di Emperor (Other Folk/Traditional)
Mason Jennings (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Bednarsky (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Borrello (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Brown (Folk Rock)
Matt Butler (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Matt Carleton (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Costa (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Dellecker (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Duke (Folk Rock)
Matt Hires (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Kennon (Country)
Matt King (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Martino (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Nakoa (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Nathanson (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Pond PA (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Roach (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Shockley (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Szlachetka (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt the Electrician (Folk Rock)
Matt Venuti (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Watroba (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Wertz (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Wheeler (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt White (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Byrne (Folk)
Matthew Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Fowler (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Heller (Folk Rock)
Matthew Logan Vasquez (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Mayfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Pendrick (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Matthew Perryman Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Rineer (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Ryan (Folk Rock)
Matthew Sabatella (Folk)
Mavis Staples (Acoustic Blues)
Max Gomez (Singer/Songwriter)
Max Hatt / Edda Glass (Jazz)
Max Minardi (Singer/Songwriter)
Max Stalling (Country)
Maxwell Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
May Erlewine (Singer/Songwriter)
Maybe April (Folk Rock)
Mayday Radio (Singer/Songwriter)
McKasson, McDonald, McLane (Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
McLeod Nine (Americana, Folk, Celtic, Cajun & Creole, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Gypsy Jazz)
Mean Mary (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Medicinal Purposes (Americana)
Meet The Seavers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, World Music, Jazz)
Meg Hutchinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Burtt (Folk Rock, Pop)
Megan Flechaus (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Fowler (Country)
Megan Jean and the KFB (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Katarina (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Luttrell (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Megan Palmer (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Reilly (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Slankard (Singer/Songwriter)
Meghan Cary (Singer/Songwriter)
Mel (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Mel Parsons (Singer/Songwriter)
Melanie Rose Dyer (Folk Rock)
Melissa Crispo (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Melissa Ferrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Greener (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Polinar (Singer/Songwriter)
Melody Guy (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Men of Worth (Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Mercy Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Meredith Axelrod (Folk)
Meredith Rae Woodard (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia And Jonah (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Borders (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Rose Lynne (Singer/Songwriter)
Mic Harrison (Folk Rock)
Mica Ipiñazar (Other Folk/Traditional)
Michael Chapdelaine (Instrumental)
Michael Clem (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Francis McCarthy (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Michael Gilbert Ronstadt (Instrumental)
Michael Glabicki (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Gulezian (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental, Folk Rock)
Michael Hoover (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Kelsh (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Logen (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McArthur (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McDermott (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McKenzie (Country)
Michael McNevin (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael O'Neal (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Peterson (Country)
Michael Reno Harrell (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Shoup (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Shynes (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Tolcher (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Warner (Folk)
Michael Zaib (Singer/Songwriter)
Michaela Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
michaelwchapman (Folk)
Miche Fambro (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Lockey (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Malone (Singer/Songwriter)
Michigan Rattlers (Singer/Songwriter)
Mick Flannery (Singer/Songwriter, Celtic)
Mick Fury (Cowboy)
Mieka Pauley (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Agranoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike and Ruthy (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Beck (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Blakely (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy, Folk)
Mike Block (Instrumental)
Mike Campbell (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic)
Mike Dekle (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Doughty (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Edel (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Farris (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Franke (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Glick (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Mike Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Hicks (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Mains (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Mitchell (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mike Powell (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Shackelford (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Stocksdale (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Vial (Singer/Songwriter)
Mikey Wax (Singer/Songwriter)
Mile Twelve (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Miles Nielsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Mindy Nolt (Singer/Songwriter)
Mindy Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Mipso (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Misner and Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion (Singer/Songwriter)
Miss Tess and The Talkbacks (Folk Rock)
Miss Valeri Lopez (Singer/Songwriter)
Mississippi Jake (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Missy Andersen (Acoustic Blues)
Missy Raines (Americana)
Mitch Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore (Folk)
Molly Burch (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly Parden (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly Tuttle (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly's Revenge (Celtic)
Molsky's Mountain Drifters (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Monica & Derek (Pop, Jazz)
Monica Moser (Singer/Songwriter)
Monica Rizzio (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Monty Lane Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Moon Mountain Ramblers (Country)
Moonfruits (Americana, Folk)
Moonlight Drive-In (Singer/Songwriter)
Moors and Mccumber (Celtic)
Morgan Bracy (Singer/Songwriter)
Morgan Johnston (Country)
Morgan Myles (Singer/Songwriter)
Morning Bear (Singer/Songwriter)
Mosa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Mother Legacy (Folk Rock)
Mountain Heart (Folk Rock)
Mountain Holler (Singer/Songwriter)
Mountain Honey (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mountain Soul (Singer/Songwriter)
Muddy Ruckus (Americana)
Muriel Anderson (Instrumental)
Murray Kingsley & Wicked Grin (Singer/Songwriter, Electric Blues)
Music Pilgrim Trio (Instrumental)
My Darling Clementine (Singer/Songwriter)
Mykal Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Mystery Loves Company (Folk Rock)
Naimah (Singer/Songwriter)
Naming The Twins (Singer/Songwriter)
Nancy Beaudette (Singer/Songwriter)
Nando Duarte (Latin, Other Folk/Traditional, Jazz)
Naomi Vernon (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie Cressman (Singer/Songwriter, Latin, Jazz)
Natalie Gelman (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie MacMaster (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Natalie Prass (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Nate Currin (Singer/Songwriter)
Nate Fredrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan & Jessie (Americana, Jazz)
Nathan Angelo (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Evans Fox (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Nathan Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Kalish (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Picard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock)
Native Harrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Neal Katz (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
NEELY (Singer/Songwriter)
Neil Dover (Country)
Neil Gregory Johnson (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Neil Jacobs (Instrumental)
Nell Robinson (Americana, Folk)
Nellie McKay (Singer/Songwriter)
Neptune's Car (Singer/Songwriter)
Nerissa Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nessa (Celtic, World Music)
Neville's Quarter (Americana, Folk)
New Language Collaborative (Jazz)
Niall Connolly (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Nicholas Altobelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Nicholas Edward Williams (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Nicholas James Thomasma (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Andrew Staver (Acoustic Blues)
Nick Arkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick DeLeo (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Driver (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Droz (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Flora (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Gonnering (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Halsted (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Hoerrmann (Instrumental)
Nick Juno (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Nick Nace (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Sterling (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Waterhouse (Singer/Songwriter)
Nicola Cipriani and Brad Myrick (Instrumental)
Nicole Atkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Nikki Talley (Singer/Songwriter)
Nina Gerber (Country)
Nina Ricci (Americana, Folk)
No Fuss and Feathers (Folk Rock)
Noah Derksen (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Gundersen (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Guthrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Lis (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Zacharin (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Noam Pikelny (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Nobody's Girl (Americana, Folk)
Noel McKay (Singer/Songwriter)
Noel Paul Stookey (Singer/Songwriter)
Non Duo (Folk Rock)
Nora Jane Struthers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Normal Fauna (Singer/Songwriter)
North Sea Gas (Celtic)
Northwest Piano Trio (Classical)
Notable Journey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
Nu-Blu Bluegrass (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Occidental Gypsy (Gypsy Jazz)
Odds Bodkin (Folk)
Oh So Quiet (Singer/Songwriter)
Oh, Jeremiah (Singer/Songwriter)
Okaidja (Singer/Songwriter, World Music)
Old Sea Brigade (Singer/Songwriter)
Olds Sleeper (Americana)
Oliver West (Singer/Songwriter)
Olivia and The Mates (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Olivia Clarke (Singer/Songwriter)
Olivia Dvorak (Country)
Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe (Folk Rock)
Olivia Millerschin (Singer/Songwriter)
On The Trail (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Open the Door for Three (Celtic)
Ordinary Elephant (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Oregon Renaissance Band (Classical)
Oscar Butler (Singer/Songwriter)
Oshima Brothers (Americana)
Otter Creek (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Out of the Rain (Singer/Songwriter)
Over the Rhine (Singer/Songwriter)
Owen Danoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Owen Temple (Country)
Paddy Mills (Singer/Songwriter)
Palmer T Lee (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Pam Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Pamela Machala (Singer/Songwriter)
Pamela Means (Singer/Songwriter)
Pan Morigan (Jazz)
Paper Wings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Pappy with a Hatchet (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Parker Ainsworth (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Parker Hu (Singer/Songwriter)
Parker Millsap (Singer/Songwriter)
Parks McIntosh (Singer/Songwriter)
Parsonsfield (Folk Rock)
Passerine (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Pat Byrne (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Pat Donohue (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat McCurdy (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat McGee (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat Wictor (Folk)
Patrice Webb (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Coman (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Conway (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Davis (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Patrick Nielander (World Music)
Patrick Park (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Patrick Sampson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Patrick Sweany (Acoustic Blues)
Patti Witten (Singer/Songwriter)
Patty and Craig (Singer/Songwriter)
Patty Larkin (Folk Rock)
Paul Cauthen (Country)
Paul Demer (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul James Berry (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Melancon (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Phillips (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Sanchez (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Sforza (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Silva (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Paul Sottnik (Jazz)
Paul Sprawl (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Thorn (Singer/Songwriter)
Peaceful Sorrow Band (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Pearson Perry (Singer/Songwriter)
Penny and Sparrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Penny Rae (Singer/Songwriter)
Peppino D'Agostino (Instrumental)
Peregrine Road (Instrumental)
Peregrino (Folk Rock)
Pete Donnelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Pete Kronowitt (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Pete Sutherland (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Peter Biedermann (Instrumental)
Peter Bradley Adams (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Case (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Holsapple (Pop)
Peter Janson (Instrumental)
Peter Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mulvey (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Yarrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Phil Heywood (Singer/Songwriter)
Phil Madeira (Instrumental)
Phil Wiggins (Acoustic Blues)
Philip Wesley (Singer/Songwriter)
Phina Pipia (Singer/Songwriter)
Phoebe Bridgers (Singer/Songwriter)
Phoebe Hunt (Americana)
Phoenix (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Jug Band, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Soul/Gospel)
Phoenix Jordan (Singer/Songwriter)
Pickxen (Americana)
Pierce Pettis (Singer/Songwriter)
Pierre Bensusan (World Music, Instrumental)
Pieta Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Piper and Carson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Planes On Paper (Singer/Songwriter)
Pocket Vinyl (Folk Rock)
Porter and Sayles (Folk Rock)
Prester John (Singer/Songwriter)
Pretty Gritty (Singer/Songwriter)
Priscilla Ahn (Singer/Songwriter)
Pristine Raeign (Pop)
Probably Whiskey (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Professor Doug Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Province of Thieves (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Folk Rock)
Punch Brothers (Folk Rock)
Pushing Chain (Americana, Country, Folk)
Qiet (Folk Rock)
Qristina and Quinn Bachand (Celtic)
Quebe Sisters (Folk Rock)
Quiles & Cloud (Singer/Songwriter)
Quinn Sullivan (Acoustic Blues)
Rabiosa (Other Folk/Traditional)
Rachael Kilgour (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachael Sage (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachael Yamagata (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Austin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Baiman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Brooke (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Harvey Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel McGoye (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Troublefield Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Yeatts and the Blue GrassFire (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Radim Zenkl (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Radney Foster (Country)
Radoslav Lorkovic (Other Folk/Traditional)
Raelyn Nelson (Country)
Raging Brass (World Music)
Rags Rosenberg (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Raiford Starke (Singer/Songwriter)
Railroad Earth (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Raina Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Ramaya Soskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Randall Bramblett (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Lewis Brown (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Randy Niles (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Palmer (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Porter (Jazz)
Rani Arbo (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Raoul Chazez (Singer/Songwriter)
RAQIA (Folk, World Music, Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
Rascal Martinez (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Rasha Jay (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Indie Rock)
Ray Bierl (Cowboy, Folk)
Ray Bonneville (Acoustic Blues)
Ray Lambiase (Singer/Songwriter)
Ray Tarantino (Singer/Songwriter)
Ray Wylie Hubbard (Country)
Rayland Baxter (Country)
Rebecca Folsom (Singer/Songwriter)
Rebecca Loebe (Singer/Songwriter)
Rebekah Todd (Singer/Songwriter)
Red Molly (Americana)
Red Sky July (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Red Tail Ring (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Redd Alexander (Americana)
Ree Backus (Singer/Songwriter)
Reggie Harris (Folk)
Regina Spektor (Singer/Songwriter)
Reid Jamieson (Singer/Songwriter)
Reina del Cid (Folk Rock)
Renee Wahl (Singer/Songwriter)
Resonant Rogues (Folk)
Reverend TJ McGlinchey (Singer/Songwriter)
Rhonda Vincent (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Ric Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Rich DePaolo (Singer/Songwriter)
Richard Buckner (Singer/Songwriter)
Richard Shindell (Singer/Songwriter)
Richelle Sigrist (Singer/Songwriter)
Richie and Rosie (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Diamond (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Gottlieb (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Hardeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick LaRocca (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Rick Nestler (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Ruskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Savasten (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, World Music, Folk Rock, Christian)
Rick Shea (Singer/Songwriter)
Rickey Gene Wright (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ricky Fitzpatrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Ricky j Taylor (Americana)
Rigby Summer (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Riley Baugus (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Rising Appalachia (Americana, Folk Rock)
Rissi Palmer (Country)
Rita Hosking (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Ritt Deitz (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Soul/Gospel)
River Run (Americana)
River Twain (Americana)
River Whyless (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rj Cowdery (Folk)
Roanoke (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Baird (Country)
Rob Ickes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Rob Larkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob Lutes (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob Lytle (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob McHale (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Rob Nance (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Platner Trio (Americana)
Rob Vischer (Singer/Songwriter)
Robbie Fulks (Country)
Robbie Schaefer (Singer/Songwriter)
Robby Hecht (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Andrew Wagner +/- the little wretches (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Robert Earl Keen (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Ellis (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin & Linda Williams (Folk)
Robin Bacior (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin Jackson (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Robin Mink (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin O'Herin (Acoustic Blues)
Robinson Treacher (Singer/Songwriter)
Robyn Ludwick (Singer/Songwriter)
Rocky Guttmann (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Celtic, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop)
Rocky Votolato (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Abernethy (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Macdonald (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Picott (Singer/Songwriter)
Rodney Crowell (Country)
Rodney Overton (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Roger Creager (Country)
Roger Silverberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Roger Street Friedman (Singer/Songwriter)
Romi Mayes (Acoustic Blues)
Ron Pope (Singer/Songwriter)
Ron Poythress (Singer/Songwriter)
Ronnie Baker Brooks (Acoustic Blues)
Ronny Cox (Singer/Songwriter)
Roosevelt Dime (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rorie Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Rory Van James (Singer/Songwriter)
Rose Cousins (Folk Rock)
Rose-Erin Stokes (Singer/Songwriter)
Rosi Golan (Singer/Songwriter)
Rosie Flores (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Rockabilly)
Ross David (Singer/Songwriter)
Ross Douglas (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Ross Martin (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Folk, Jazz, Classical)
Ross Newell (Singer/Songwriter)
Roxie Randle (Country)
Roy Book Binder (Folk)
Roy Schneider & The Reckless Saints (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Roy Zimmerman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rufus Wainwright (Singer/Songwriter)
Rumi by Candlelight Collective (World Music)
Run Boy Run (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rupert Wates (Singer/Songwriter)
Russ Franzen (Singer/Songwriter)
Rustic Riders (Americana)
Ruston Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Rusty Reid (Folk Rock)
Rusty Tabor (Country)
Ruthie Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Adam Wells (Country)
Ryan Bingham (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Harris Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Horne (Folk Rock)
Ryan Lill (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Tennis (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Winslow (Country)
Ryanhood (Singer/Songwriter)
S. Hunter Gray (Singer/Songwriter)
Sabrina (Singer/Songwriter)
Sadie McClendon (Country)
Saint Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Barris (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Fingerett (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Jaye (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Sally Spring (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Amidon (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country)
Sam Baker (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Sam Breckenridge (Instrumental)
Sam Brenner (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Burchfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Bush (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sam Frazier (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Johnson (Singer/Songwriter, Reggae, Pop)
Sam Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Llanas (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Sam Outlaw (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Pacetti (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Reider & the Human Hands (World Music, Instrumental, Gypsy Jazz)
Sam Sliva (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Weber (Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock)
Samantha Crain (Singer/Songwriter)
Sami Riggs (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Sammy Kay (Singer/Songwriter)
Sammy Patrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Sammy Sadler (Country)
Sandra McCracken (Singer/Songwriter)
Sands and Hearn (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Sandy McKnight's Pop-Clique (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara and Kenny (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Bareilles (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Beth Go (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Carbone (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Groves (Christian)
Sara Haze (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Hickman (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Morgan (Country)
Sara Routh (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Syms (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Watkins (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sarah Aili (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Sarah Blacker (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Burton (Americana)
Sarah Clanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Donner (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars (Folk Rock)
Sarah Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jaffe (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jarosz (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jordan (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Sarah Kroger (Christian)
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (Folk)
Sarah Lou Richards (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah McQuaid (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Miles (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Peacock (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Potenza (Acoustic Blues)
Sarah Shook & the Disarmers (Country, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Sarah Siskind (Singer/Songwriter)
Sari and Jesse (Singer/Songwriter)
Sasha K.A & Chris E. Peterson (Americana)
Sauce Boss (Acoustic Blues)
Savannah King (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Sawyer Fredericks (Singer/Songwriter)
Sawyer Lawson (Singer/Songwriter)
Schuyler Fisk (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Ainslie (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Barrier (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Cook (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Duncan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Scott Forbes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Scott Kirby (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Kurt (Country)
Scott Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Moss (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Mulvahill (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Strickland (Folk Rock)
Scott Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Williams (Folk, Celtic, World Music, Instrumental)
Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Scott Youngberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Scrappy Jud Newcomb (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Scythian (Celtic)
Seamus Egan Project (Other Folk/Traditional)
Seamus Kennedy (Celtic)
Sean Barna (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Farley (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Gasaway (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Hayes (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean McConnell (Americana, Country)
Sean Rowe (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Watkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Searson (Celtic)
Selwyn Birchwood (Acoustic Blues)
Sera Cahoone (Singer/Songwriter)
Seryn (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Adam (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Bernard (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Brand (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Doud (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Glier (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Walker (Acoustic Blues)
Shady Rill (Singer/Songwriter)
Shake Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Shana Tucker (Jazz)
Shane Burke (Singer/Songwriter)
Shane Cooley (Singer/Songwriter)
Shanna in a Dress (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
ShAnnie (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Baker and Sometime Soon (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country)
Shannon Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Lawson (Country)
Shannon McMahon (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon McNally (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Whitworth (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaquim Muldrow (Jazz)
Sharon Bousquet (Singer/Songwriter)
Sharon Goldman (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaun Hopper (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaun Murphy (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Byrne (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Camp (Americana, Country)
Shawn Colvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Stelton (Folk Rock)
Shawn Williams (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Shawna Caspi (Singer/Songwriter)
Sheila Kay Adams (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Shelley King (Singer/Songwriter)
Shenandoah (Country)
Shook Twins (Singer/Songwriter)
Shotgun Josephine (Americana)
Shovels and Rope (Americana)
Shreeps (Singer/Songwriter)
Sierra Hull (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Silver Lake 66 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Simon Lynge (Singer/Songwriter)
Simply Three (Instrumental)
Sinclair Soul (Singer/Songwriter)
Siobhán O'Brien (Singer/Songwriter)
Siusan O'Rourke and Zig Zeitler (Americana)
Skellig Green (Folk, Celtic)
Skinny Lister (Folk Rock)
Sky Bells (Singer/Songwriter)
Sky Choice (Singer/Songwriter)
Slaid Cleaves (Singer/Songwriter)
Sleepwalker's Station (Folk)
Sloan Wainwright (Singer/Songwriter)
Small Time Napoleon (Folk Rock)
Smithfield Bargain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Smooth Hound Smith (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Society of Broken Souls (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Sofia Talvik (Singer/Songwriter)
Sol y Canto (Singer/Songwriter)
Son de Cuba (Latin)
Son Little (Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Songs of the Fall (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Songs of the Folk (Americana, Folk)
Sonia Lee (Country)
Sonia Leigh (Country)
Sonny Mone (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Sonny Moorman (Singer/Songwriter)
Sonya Heller (Singer/Songwriter)
Sophie and Fiachra (Celtic)
Sophie Buskin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Sorcha Cribben-Merrill and Jo Sorrell (Americana)
Soul-R Fusion (Folk Rock)
South for Winter (Singer/Songwriter)
Sparky and Rhonda Rucker (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Special Consensus (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Spencer Joyce (Singer/Songwriter)
Spirit Fiddle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Spook Handy (Folk)
Spuyten Duyvil (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Squirrel Butter (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stacey Randol (Singer/Songwriter)
Stacey Sanders (Singer/Songwriter)
Steel Blossoms (Americana)
Steel Union (Country)
Stefanie Fix (Singer/Songwriter)
Steff Mahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Stella and The Phins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, World Music, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Stephan Nance (Pop)
Stephane Wrembel (Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Stephanie Corby (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Stephanie Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephanie Schneiderman (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Babcock (Americana, Folk Rock, Pop)
Stephen Dornfeld (Jazz)
Stephen Fearing (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Garrett (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Kellogg (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Mendel (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Simmons (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Stephie Rae (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock, Soul/Gospel)
Steve Baughman (Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Steve Brosky (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Eulberg (Folk)
Steve Everett (Folk Rock, Pop)
Steve Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Forbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Itterly (Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Steve James (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Steve Kimock (Pop, Jazz)
Steve Meckfessel (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Moakler (Country)
Steve Nieve (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Poltz (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Seskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Tapper (Latin, World Music, Jazz)
Steve Volkmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Blane (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Pelland (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Stanley (Singer/Songwriter)
Stevie and the Bluescasters (Acoustic Blues)
Stevie Cornell (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Still on the Hill (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stillhouse Junkies (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stone & Snow (Americana)
Strangled Darlings (Singer/Songwriter)
Stray Local (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Stringman Delivery (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Stu Nunnery (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Stuart Duncan (Singer/Songwriter)
Stuart Fuchs (Singer/Songwriter)
Stuart Weber (Instrumental, Classical)
Sturgill Simpson (Singer/Songwriter)
Sufjan Stevens (Singer/Songwriter)
Sugarcane Jane (Country)
Sultans of String (World Music, Instrumental)
Sun City Players (Singer/Songwriter)
Sun Kil Moon (Americana)
Sundad (World Music, Instrumental)
Sundae + Mr. Goessl (Other Folk/Traditional, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Sundy Best (Country)
Sunny Balopole (Singer/Songwriter)
Surrender Hill (Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Susan Cattaneo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Cowboy, Folk Rock)
Susan Chan (Classical)
Susan Enan (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Herndon (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk Rock)
Susan Leigh Picking (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Shann (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Susan Werner (Singer/Songwriter)
Susie Burke and David Surette (Folk)
Susie Glaze (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Suzanna Choffel (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy (Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Suzi Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzie Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzie Vinnick (Acoustic Blues)
Suzzy Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
SVER (Other Folk/Traditional)
Swearingen & Kelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Sweet Tea & Moonshine (Americana)
Switchback (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sydney Cubit (Singer/Songwriter)
Sylph Chamber Music (Instrumental, Classical)
Sylvain's Acadian Aces (Cajun & Creole)
Sylvia (Country)
T Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
T. Edwin Doss (Singer/Songwriter)
Taarka (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Tab Benoit (Acoustic Blues)
Tal Naccarato (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Classical)
Tall Heights (Folk Rock)
Tamara Hey (Singer/Songwriter)
Tammy Renee (Country)
Tammy Rochelle (Singer/Songwriter)
Tania Watt (Singer/Songwriter)
Tara Beier (Singer/Songwriter)
Tara Dente (Americana)
Tara Nevins (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor Chaffin (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor Davis (Instrumental)
Taylor James Donskey (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Taylor Leonhardt (Christian)
Taylor Lynn Cullen (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor on Sunset (Jazz)
Taylor Rich (Folk)
Ted McVay (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ted Yoder (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Celtic, Instrumental)
Teghan Devon (Singer/Songwriter)
Teka (Jazz)
Tellico (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tema Brazil (Latin, World Music, Jazz)
Tempa & Naor (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Soul/Gospel)
Tenth Avenue North (Singer/Songwriter)
Tenzin Chopak (Singer/Songwriter)
Teresa Storch (Singer/Songwriter)
Teressa Mahoney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Terra Naomi (Singer/Songwriter)
Terre Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Terri Hendrix (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Holder (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Radigan (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Robb (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Tetra Trio (Classical)
Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi (Americana, Acoustic Blues)
The 9 Songwriter Series (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop)
The Accidentals (Americana)
The Accomplices (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Annie Oakley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Appalucians (Americana)
The Appleseed Collective (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Ashley Gang (Folk)
The Asking (Singer/Songwriter)
The Ballroom Thieves (Folk Rock)
The Barefoot Movement (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Barr Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Be Good Tanyas (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The BeeKeepers (Folk)
The Bird and the Bear (Singer/Songwriter)
The Black Lillies (Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
The Blue Eyed Bettys (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The BorderCollies (Celtic)
The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Acoustic Blues)
The Boxcar Lillies (Country)
The Broken String Band (Americana)
The Brookses (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
The Brother Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Brothers Comatose (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Brothers Four (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Bumper Jacksons (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Cactus Blossoms (Singer/Songwriter)
The Cave Singers (Folk Rock)
The Center State (Americana, Folk)
The Cirotti Trio (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Cody Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Collection (Folk Rock)
The Contenders (Americana)
The Crane Wives (Folk Rock)
The Currys (Americana)
The Damn Quails (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
The Danberrys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The David Mayfield Parade (Folk Rock)
The David Wax Museum (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Del Zorros (Singer/Songwriter)
The Devil Makes Three (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Dirty Rain Revelers (Americana, Folk Rock)
The Donnis Trio (Singer/Songwriter)
The Doubleclicks (Singer/Songwriter)
The Down Hill Strugglers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Duke of Norfolk (Singer/Songwriter)
The Dupont Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Duskwhales (Pop)
The East Pointers (Celtic)
The End of America (Folk Rock)
The Far West (Singer/Songwriter)
The Felice Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Flukes (Pop)
The Flutter and Wow (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Fly Birds (Americana)
The Flyin A's (Americana)
The Foothill Brothers (Americana)
The Foothills (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Four Bitchin Babes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
The Fremonts (Singer/Songwriter)
The Fretless (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Georgia Dish Boys (Folk Rock)
The Gina Furtado Project (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Ginger Ups (Singer/Songwriter)
The Good Graces (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Gossamer Strings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Gothard Sisters (Celtic)
The Grascals (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Greencards (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Half Step Sisters (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hammer and The Hatchet (Americana)
The Harmaleighs (Singer/Songwriter)
The Haunted Windchimes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hedge Band (Celtic)
The High 48s (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The High and Wides (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The High Crest (Singer/Songwriter)
The Hillbenders (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Hollands (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The Honey Dewdrops (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hot Club of San Francisco (Singer/Songwriter)
The Howlin' Brothers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hummingbirds (Singer/Songwriter)
The Infamous Stringdusters (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The InVocations (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Celtic, Cajun & Creole, Acoustic Blues)
The Iveys (Singer/Songwriter)
The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Jellyman's Daughter (Americana)
The Jethros (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Folk, Cajun & Creole, Other Folk/Traditional, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
The Kennedys (Folk Rock)
The Levins (Singer/Songwriter)
The Littlest Birds (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Locksmiths (Singer/Songwriter)
The Lone Bellow (Folk Rock)
The Lords of Liechtenstein (Singer/Songwriter)
The Love Leighs (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
The Love Sprockets (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Low Anthem (Folk Rock)
The Lowest Pair (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Lynnes (Singer/Songwriter)
The Maes (Folk)
The Malvinas (Folk, Cajun & Creole, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Mammals (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Marvins (Singer/Songwriter)
The Masons (Folk Rock)
The Matchsellers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The McGuire Brothers (Cowboy, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
The Meadows Brothers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Meantime (Singer/Songwriter)
The Milk Carton Kids (Singer/Songwriter)
The Minnesota Child (Singer/Songwriter)
The Mosleys (Folk Rock)
The Mud Flappers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Mulligan Brothers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Musers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The Nautical Theme (Jazz)
The New 76ers (Singer/Songwriter)
The New American Mandolin Ensemble (Instrumental)
The Nields (Folk Rock)
The Nighthawks (Acoustic Blues)
The Nouveaux Honkies (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Western Swing, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
The Novel Ideas (Folk Rock)
The Novelists (Folk Rock)
The Oh Hellos (Folk Rock)
The Olivarez Trio (Gypsy Jazz)
The Page Turners (Singer/Songwriter)
The Paint Splats (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
The Peasall Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Phenomenal Conundrum (Americana, Folk Rock)
The Press Gang (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Promise is Hope (Singer/Songwriter)
The Proper Sporks (Folk)
The Purple Kite (Singer/Songwriter)
The Pussywillows (Singer/Songwriter)
The Quitters (duo) (Americana, Folk, Electric Blues)
The Real Sarahs (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Renfrees (Americana)
The Rightly So (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
The Riverside (Folk Rock)
The Roamies (Singer/Songwriter)
The Rose Valley Thorns (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Rough and Tumble (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Rubber Knife Gang (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Saint Johns (Folk Rock)
The Salty Suites (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sea The Sea (Folk Rock)
The Secret Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sidleys (Pop)
The Singer and The Songwriter (Singer/Songwriter)
The Skipping Stones (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Slocan Ramblers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Slow Drag (Singer/Songwriter)
The Small Glories (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Smoking Flowers (Folk Rock)
The Steel Wheels (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Steeldrivers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Stray Birds (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Subdudes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Suitcase Junket (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sweeplings (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sweet Potatoes (Folk Rock)
The Sweet Water Warblers (Folk Rock)
The Sweetback Sisters (Country)
The Talbott Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Therapy Sisters (Cowboy, Folk, Rockabilly)
The Thoughts (Singer/Songwriter)
The Tin Man (Singer/Songwriter)
The Tool Shed (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Jug Band, Country, Folk)
The Trailblazers (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Travelin McCourys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Twangtown Paramours (Singer/Songwriter)
The Two's (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop, Classical)
The Vespers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Vogts Sisters (Americana)
The Vulcans (Americana)
The Wailin Jennys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Watson Twins (Folk Rock)
The Waymores (Americana, Country)
The Weather Station (Folk Rock)
The Weepies (Singer/Songwriter)
The Weight (Folk Rock)
The Whiskey Charmers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Whispering Tree (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The White Buffalo (Singer/Songwriter)
The Wild Feathers (Americana)
The Wildmans (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Wildwood Sirens (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The WillowWacks (Singer/Songwriter)
The Winterlings (Americana)
The Wood Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Wrong Omar (Singer/Songwriter)
The Yale Russian Chorus (Other Folk/Traditional, Classical)
The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers (Country)
The Young Fables (Americana)
The Young Novelists (Folk Rock)
Thea Hopkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Them Coulee Boys (Americana)
Theo Czuk (Singer/Songwriter)
These Fine Moments (Folk Rock)
This Frontier Needs Heroes (Singer/Songwriter)
Thom Rayne (Singer/Songwriter)
Thom Schuyler (Singer/Songwriter)
Thomas Cassell (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Three Tall Pines (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tiffany Christopher (Singer/Songwriter)
Tiffany Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Tift Merritt (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim & Myles Thompson (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Alexander (Instrumental)
Tim Chauvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Easton (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Gearan (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Grimm (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Kapeluck (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim MacLean (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Tim McGeary (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim O'Brien (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tim Quarberg (Christian)
Tim Sparks (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Weed (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Timmy Curran (Singer/Songwriter)
Timothy Monger (Singer/Songwriter)
Tina & Her Pony (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tina Mae (Singer/Songwriter)
Tinsley Ellis (Acoustic Blues)
Tish Hinojosa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
TJ Walsh (Folk Rock)
Toby Lightman (Singer/Songwriter)
Toby Tobias (Singer/Songwriter)
Toby Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Todd Albright (Country)
Todd Snider (Singer/Songwriter)
Todd Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom "The Suit" Forst (Acoustic Blues)
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan (Acoustic Blues)
Tom Cardullo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Catmull (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Chapin (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Dixon (Country)
Tom Eure (Folk)
Tom Evanchuck (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Tom Feldmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Fridrich (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Tom Gravenstreter (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Heany (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Kimmel (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Margolis (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom McElvain (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Acoustic Blues)
Tom Meny (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tom Neilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom O'Carroll (Celtic)
Tom Paxton (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Rush (Folk, World Music, Acoustic Blues)
Tom Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Smith (Instrumental)
Tommy Castro (Acoustic Blues)
Tommy Womack (Singer/Songwriter)
Toney Rocks (Singer/Songwriter)
Tony Denikos (Singer/Songwriter)
Tony Furtado (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tony James Shevlin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Tony Lucca (Folk Rock)
Tony Manard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Cowboy, Jug Band, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Soul/Gospel)
Tony Ramey (Singer/Songwriter)
Tony Trischka (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tony Williamson (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Tosha Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Toshi Reagon (Singer/Songwriter)
Tough Old Bird (Singer/Songwriter)
Tow'rs (Singer/Songwriter)
Town Mountain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Trace Bundy (Instrumental)
Tracie Mattox (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Colletto (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Coryell (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Grammer (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Morrison (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Tracy Newman (Singer/Songwriter)
Trae Sheehan (Americana, Folk)
Trampled by Turtles (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Transit Soul (Folk Rock)
Travis Linville (Country)
Travis Meadows (Country)
Trent Dabbs (Singer/Songwriter)
Tret Fure (Singer/Songwriter)
Treva Blomquist (Singer/Songwriter)
Trevor Gordon Hall (Instrumental)
Trevor Green (Folk Rock)
Trevor Ohlsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Trevor Startt (Singer/Songwriter)
Triflemore (Celtic)
Trisha Adams (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tristan Omand (Singer/Songwriter)
Tristan Prettyman (Singer/Songwriter)
Tristen (Singer/Songwriter)
Troubadour 77 (Americana)
Trout Steak Revival (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
True North (Americana)
Truman Holland (Singer/Songwriter)
Twin Kennedy (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Two Crows For Comfort (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Ty Herndon (Country)
Tyler Barham (Singer/Songwriter)
Tyler Childers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tyler Hilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Tyler Key (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tyler Lyle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tyler Sjöström (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Pop)
Tyrone Wells (Singer/Songwriter)
Uncle Earl (Singer/Songwriter)
Uncle Lucius (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Underhill Rose (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Up the Chain (Folk Rock)
Upstate (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock, Jazz, Soul/Gospel)
Vance Gilbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Vanessa Carlton (Singer/Songwriter)
Vanessa Peters (Singer/Songwriter)
Verlon Thompson (Singer/Songwriter)
Veronneau (Jazz)
Vicki Genfan (Singer/Songwriter)
Vicky Emerson (Singer/Songwriter)
Victor and Penny (Folk Rock)
Victor Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Victor Wainwright (Acoustic Blues)
Victoria Banks (Country)
Victoria Pennock (Singer/Songwriter)
Victoria Vox (Singer/Songwriter)
Vincent Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Vinegar Creek Constituency (Singer/Songwriter)
Violet Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Virginia Marcs (Folk Rock)
Von Strantz (Folk Rock)
Vonnie Kyle (Folk Rock)
Wade Bowen (Country)
Wally Barnick (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Instrumental)
Walt Wilkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Walter Parks (Americana)
Ward Davis (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Water Liars (Folk Rock)
Wayne Baird (Singer/Songwriter)
Wayne Hancock (Western Swing, Rockabilly)
Wayne Toups (Cajun & Creole)
Wayne Willingham (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
Webb Wilder (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Colonna (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Sobel (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Woo (Singer/Songwriter)
Wes Collins (Folk Rock)
Wes Furumoto (Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Wes Loper (Country)
Wes Swing (Singer/Songwriter)
Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Wesley Stace (Singer/Songwriter)
West My Friend (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Westwend (Singer/Songwriter)
Wheatfield (Americana)
When Particles Collide (Folk Rock)
Whiskey Raccoons (Americana)
Whitherward (Singer/Songwriter)
Whitney Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Whym (Instrumental)
Whyte Tygers (Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Pop)
Wild Carrot (Americana, Folk)
Wild Maple (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Celtic, Acoustic Blues)
Wild Ponies (Americana)
Wilder Adkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Wildeyes (Americana)
Will Baird (Singer/Songwriter)
Will Kimbrough (Singer/Songwriter)
Will Solomon (Folk, Folk Rock)
Willard Gayheart (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Willi Carlisle (Folk)
William Clark Green (Country)
William Elliott Whitmore (Singer/Songwriter)
William Fitzsimmons (Singer/Songwriter)
William Matheny (Folk Rock)
William McCarthy (Singer/Songwriter)
William Scorzari Jr. (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
William Wild (Singer/Songwriter)
Williamson Branch (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Willie Sugarcapps (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Willie T and Doctor X (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Willie Watson (Singer/Songwriter)
Willy Mason (Singer/Songwriter)
Willy Porter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Willy Welch (Singer/Songwriter)
Windborne (Folk)
Windborne Singers (Folk)
Winnie Brave (Americana)
Wishbone Zoe (Singer/Songwriter)
Wood and Wire (Americana)
Woody Pines (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Woody Russell (Acoustic Blues)
Worry Dolls (Americana)
Wyatt Easterling (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Wyatt Espalin (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Xanthe Alexis (Americana)
Xaris Waltman (Singer/Songwriter)
Yarn (Folk Rock)
Young Frontier (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Young Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Zach Deputy (Singer/Songwriter)
Zach Winters (Singer/Songwriter)
Zachary Lucky (Singer/Songwriter)
Zack Freitas (Singer/Songwriter)
Zan Berry (Instrumental, Classical)
Zarni (Singer/Songwriter)
Zena (Singer/Songwriter)
Zoe and Cloyd (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Zoe Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Zoe Mulford (Folk)
Zonnis (Folk)
Zoocrü (Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock, Jazz, Soul/Gospel)