Uncommon Ground

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3800 N Clark St

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April 19
"Devastatingly beautiful" Minnesota-based singer-songwriter-guitarist David Singley captures emotional honesty in well-crafted songs.
April 30
With over 30 million plays on Spotify, Ira Wolf has exploded onto the folk scene over the past three years. Making a home on the road, Wolf connects with audiences on a personal level through melancholy vocals and vulnerable lyrics.

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April 4
Juliet Lloyd has quickly gained a name for herself as a strikingly accomplished songwriter and no-holds barred performer.
March 15
March 14
February 24
Austin Skalecki is a singer-songwriter set out on a journey to travel and share life experiences through his songwriting. Diving into his music you'll discover singable guitar riffs, wailing harmonica, and foot stomping melodies.
February 9
Chris Rawlins is an indie-folk singer-songwriter based in Chicago, IL. The Midwestern native creates his intimate, modern folk tales with hauntingly beautiful, noir-like imagery.
December 22
December 2